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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2836 Free Novel

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Luther is not being hypocritical or pessimistic; rather, he has already considered it in his core.

Why did the Su family father suddenly allow Anson to visit him at this time, as well as give such favorable cooperation terms?

The only explanation is that the Su family is now facing a formidable foe, and the He family is desperately needed to boost the Su family’s military ability.

As a result, even though the impact of these two billion is immense, making this money would be difficult.

Perhaps He family will face innumerable difficulties in the future.

Luther didn’t know if he was doing the right thing by leading the He family to the south at the time.

A familiar footstep echoed from far to close, just as he was feeling down.

He had already guessed that his daughter Roma was the one, before he turned around to confirm it.

He couldn’t help but frown again before turning around.

He pondered the following: “Roma’s power is impressive, but she lacks control over her body and breath!

This person’s power, in my opinion, should be at least one level higher than Roma’s!”

“Who would this person… be?” says the narrator.

Luther’s heart couldn’t help but become tense at this point.

His internal strength had been lifted from his dantian to his hands when he unexpectedly turned around, in case he needed an emergency shot.

However, when he turned around, he saw that the person approaching him was indeed Roma, his daughter.

She seems to be the same as she was when she left yesterday.

Luther, on the other hand, noticed that Roma today appears to be very different from yesterday!

This conflicting sensation is akin to returning to the same pool of water after a day, and it always appears to be the same size and age.

But today she gives the impression that the same pool of water is much deeper than it was yesterday!

“Roma, you…how are you doing?” he inadvertently inquired.

“Father, can I speak to you in private?” Roma hurriedly interrupted him.

Luther instantly sensed that this daughter’s breath regulation is indeed much more subtle after she spoke.

Look not at just saying a word, but at Roma’s involuntary control of her breath while speaking. She’s not the same person she used to be.

So he stifled his surprise for the time being and hurriedly said, “Come, go to my study!”