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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2835 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2835 Start

The helicopter touched down on a sheet of ice as hard as a rock.

Roma didn’t wait for the plane to come to a complete stop; instead, she pushed open the door and jumped out.

She rushed to her 1.5-kilometer-away home after saying her goodbyes to the pilot.

Many members of the He family had already risen early at this stage.

The He family’s lifestyle has always been a little different from that of mainstream society.

They, on the other hand, have a lot in common with the ancients.

The He family, for example, seldom uses new technology in their daily lives. Except for necessities such as telephones, the He family rarely uses mobile phones, computers, or the Internet.

He family is made up of generations ranging from eighteen to fifty years old men and women alike. All are busy studying martial arts as long as they are with their families.

Everyone will do it whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter. As long as the rooster crows, in a quarter of an hour, get up and begin training.

They normally sleep for around six hours if there are no special conditions, and the rest of the time is spent doing exercises.

Other elderly people who have finished practicing medicine, as well as married women, get up early every day to do some housework in order to keep the whole family in order.

Despite the fact that the He family was up early today as well, there was no scene of young and middle-aged people practicing.

All were preoccupied with packing their belongings and finishing household chores. After all, the family had to relocate this time, and even the elderly members of the family have to accompany them.

As a result, this huge house would be in a semi-desolate state for a long time with no one to manage it, so it must be resolved before leaving.

Luther, the He family’s elderly member, dressed neatly in the morning. Even though he was over a year old, he put on his most upright collection of Tang suits, combed his silver hair back into his back, and carefully groomed his grey beard.

Even though he was eighty years old at the time, he was still wearing the same style.

Luther wandered alone through the He family compound’s forecourt and backyard, his gaze drawn to this century-old mansion.

He is not a materialistic person. The only way to spend the two billion yuan pledged by the Su family is to improve the He family.

He was also very clear in his heart that he was already an old man, and that even though he had a strong base of martial arts practice throughout his life, he still needed God’s blessing if he wanted to live to be a hundred years old.

As a result, the entire play will be completed in no more than 20 years.

Money has always been something outside of his body for him, and he has no desire to live a lavish lifestyle.

He hopes to be able to live in peace in Mocheng before he reaches the earth if he puts aside the He family’s future plans.

It is not easy for him to take his family to fight in the south while he is in his eighties.

It’s just that he’s involuntary in a lot of things, but this time it’s only because his family has burnt out the last of his life before he died, and he’s made up his mind in his heart that he’ll never return before death.