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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2834 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2834 Start

Luther didn’t dare to postpone the plan for tomorrow at this stage. He had already begun informing the rest of the He family and packing his own luggage.

Late at night, the whole He family became extremely busy.

Anson stayed in the guest room, satisfied, listening to the sounds of people walking around and the movement of things moving next door.

He knew Master Su was a little puzzled this time, but he managed to keep the He family inside the 2 billion quotations.

This is something that should be credited. The master will, of course, have it when he returns. It has been expressed.

Anson fell asleep to the sound of ding and cling.

All night, Luther and his son Tom, as well as several other key members of the He family, were almost awake.

Everybody had their own ideas. Except for Luther, everybody else had already figured out how to get a piece of the 2 billion dollar annual profits.

What they’ll get and how they’ll use it once they have it.

The sky in the east had started to steadily light up at six o’clock in the morning.

Last night, there was a snowstorm, and Mocheng was almost completely covered in snow.

Because of the cold, most residents of this small city spend more than half of the year at home for the holidays.

This is also a very quiet time, with very few people on the street.

A helicopter appeared in the southern sky at this precise moment.

Roma sat in this aircraft, anxiously searching the horizon for Mocheng, which was just a few hundred kilometers away.

Charlie had given her two blood-saving, heart-saving tablets, which she kept in her arms.

She assumes that if her father and the Su family are reunited, no matter how intense the conviction, if the father takes one of them, he will change his mind immediately.

“Brother, please find a suitable place to land one or two kilometers away from the compound, so as not to be discovered by someone who is interested,” she said to the pilot when they were more than ten kilometers away from He’s mansion.

Since helicopters are unusual in small towns, they are sure to draw attention.

It makes no difference if others are paying attention. Anson, who lives in Roma’s house, is Roma’s main concern.

If he discovers that she returned to a helicopter, he will most likely become suspicious and investigate the helicopter’s sources.

If he discovers some information about the Wade family, it will undoubtedly become an issue in the future.

He wouldn’t be suspicious if he doesn’t find the helicopter, even if he sees her in He’s villa.

“Ms. He, on the map, I can’t find a suitable landing place in the area, but the distance outside the city is a bit far away,” the pilot hurriedly said. “Do you have any recommendations?”

“There is a river about 1.5 kilometers southeast of He’s family,” Roma said. In the winter, the river is totally frozen.

Tanks ran on the ice and helicopters flew over the ice when I saw the troops practicing a few years ago. It’s perfectly fine.”

“On such a cold day, the river must be able to carry it,” the pilot said. Then I’ll simply land on the river, as you mentioned!”