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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2833 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2833 Start

Ruoli exhaled a sigh of relief and thanked Mr. Issac, saying, “Thank you very much!”

“Not a big deal!” says the voice.

Roma also changed her clothes at this time, and sadly said to Ruoli, “Ruoli, I’m so sorry, your mom said to be with you tonight, but I have to go again…”

“Mom, it doesn’t matter,”

Ruoli said with a smile. It gives me great pleasure to see you. Furthermore, I assume that grandpa would want to work with Master after seeing the pill that he has given to you.

You can return to Aurous Hill. We can meet every day if that’s the case!”

“Yes!” exclaims the speaker.

“You are here waiting for mom, and mom will come back as soon as possible!” Roma said lovingly, touching Ruoli’s cheek.

“Wow!” exclaims the speaker.

Anson had already informed Chengfeng that the He family had agreed to re-cooperate when Roma was rushing back to Mocheng.

Chengfeng exhaled a sigh of relief when he learned that the He family would be able to join him and his family in Suhang the next morning.

While the He family’s power might not be enough to equal the mysterious master’s, it does put him in a better position.

He’ll also have more energy to consider how to mediate with Zhiyu, his granddaughter.

After all, that individual had twice rescued Zhiyu.

Zhiyu’s safety would be a bit more assured if he is able to defend himself.

So, after praising Anson, he went straight to work putting together a special aircraft.

The He family numbers more than a hundred people and only a medium-to-large passenger plane can transport them all at once.

In terms of the bus, he’s afraid that at least four buses will be required, as well as one or two additional trucks to transport luggage and materials.

Chengfeng arranged for his subordinates to pack passenger flights, buses, trucks, and other equipment, on the one hand, and to leave Mocheng with his family at ten o’clock tomorrow, on the other hand.

In this situation, you’ll be able to get to Suzhou before it gets dark.