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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2832 Free Novel

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Ruoli also knew very well grandpa’s temperament.

He was too convinced of his own set of perceptions, as her mother put it.

They believed that the earth is the center of the universe and that the sun and all the stars revolve around it, just as those who believed in geocentric theory did in ancient times.

This seemingly absurd theory persisted in the world’s major civilizations for thousands of years.

The heliocentric theory proposed by Copernicus was gradually disproved until the 16th century.

It demonstrates that these words are deeply embedded and influence a person’s vision and pattern.

Therefore, even if Roma described the medicinal pill given by Charlie on the phone, Luther would never believe it.

Allowing Roma to return to Mocheng and personally hand over the pill to him is the best and only option.

Only then will she be able to alter his cognitive concepts.

So, Ruoli hurriedly asked: “Mom, it’s so late, how are you leaving?”

“There is no way,” Roma said helplessly. “Now there are no flights from civil aviation.” I have to wait until tomorrow morning at the earliest.

It’ll be too late, so I’ll have to bother Young Master about getting the plane ready…”

“All right!” Ruoli quickly picked up the phone and said, “I’ll call him.”

“FOr such things, don’t annoy the Master,” Roma said, stopping her. Master does, after all, have a family.

It would be difficult for him to justify himself to his wife if you call him too late, so don’t bother him.”

“I believe Master has a lot of faith in Issac,”

Roma said after speaking. He organizes a lot of stuff for Master. Let’s find him, who I believe has sufficient authority to arrange the plane.”

“Mom, wait a minute, I’ll tell the staff!” Ruoli said with a nod.

“Please inform Mr. Issac, I have an urgent matter to find him,” Ruoli said as she hurriedly got up, hurried to the door, and said to the staff outside the door.

Issac arrived a few minutes later, running all the way over.

“What’s the matter with Miss Su?” he asked hurriedly when he saw Ruoli.

Ruoli most likely informed him of the situation.

“No problem,” Issac said without hesitation when he learned that Roma needed to return to Mocheng as soon as possible.

In ten minutes, the helicopter on top of the building can take off.

Arrive at the airport and board a private plane to the Northeast. I’ll also book a helicopter in advance in the Northeast so Ms. He can get to Mocheng as soon as possible!”