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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2831 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2831 Start

“Roma, now is not the time to be inspired,”

Luther said solemnly. It is important to consider the overall situation.

We must push the He family to new heights, and we must not be blinded by a little hate!”

Roma became irritated and shouted, “Dad!” Ruoli has nothing to do with what I’m about to say.

It’s entirely because Mr. Wade’s circumstances are much superior to those of the Su family! If you can believe it, it’s true.

I’ll just have to wait before you return to make my final decision!”

“However, I have promised Anson that the bus will stop at He’s door at ten o’clock tomorrow morning,”

Luther said, embarrassed. Wouldn’t it be because I’ve hit Old Man Su’s face, and if he gets upset, the whole He family is affected if I hesitate for no reason at that time?”

Roma hadn’t expected her father to turn around so quickly, and he was angry and nervous for fear of offending Chengfeng, so she blurted out, “Okay!” Then I’ll leave and come home.

I should be able to make it home before the sun rises. By then, I’ll have told you.

“Explain everything!”

“If Roma can return before dawn, in any case, it won’t affect the original plan, it doesn’t hurt,” Luther reasoned when he learned this.

“If this is the case, then you can return as soon as possible,” he said, opening his mouth. Let’s talk about it in person if you have anything to say.”

“All right!” Roma clenched her teeth and said, “Then I’ll start!”

“Ruoli, mom has to go,” she said to Ruoli next to her after hanging up the phone.

“Mom, Grandpa insists on cooperating with the Su family?” she asked hurriedly.

“Yes,” says the speaker. “Anson went to Mocheng and gave your grandpa a price of 2 billion yuan,”

Roma said helplessly. Your grandfather has already given his consent. Tomorrow morning at 10 a.m., he’ll carry the family over.

I must return to see him before he departs and remind him of Master Wade’s fate.

The most important thing is to give him Master Wade’s pill and let him decide for himself.”

“Your grandfather… is far too sure of what he thinks,” Roma sighed as he said.

The internal boxing system of the He family, as well as the He family’s Qi San and Awakening syrup, are both the best martial arts medicines in his eyes.

He doesn’t even realize that the high quality on the way, the pride of the He family, and the basis for survival aren’t worth mentioning in front of Young Master Wade’s pill!”

For him to recognize it, he must taste it.