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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2830 Free Novel

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“What about Buqisan and Xentel Decoction, even though they are really eaten?” said Roma, shaking her head. It may not be worth a pill after ten years.”

“Roma, I understand that you are reluctant to believe that the He family will cooperate with the Su family again,”

Luther said angrily, “but you should not doubt the He family’s decisions because of your personal emotions.”

What a great achievement! Buqisan and Body Rejuvenation Decoction are two of the He Family’s most significant core strengths to date.

How will I get through the three meridians without these two things? “Why do I find out about the He Family’s status?”

“Dad, I’m still not talking about it,” Roma hurriedly said. You will automatically understand when you see this pill…”

Luther, who had no faith in Roma’s words, sighed and said, “Roma, I have already considered it.”

I’ll send you another 200 million to locate Ruoli’s once the Su family’s 2 billion payment is made.

So, do you think you have a better chance of finding Ruoli?”

“Father, have you agreed to Anson?” Roma asked helplessly.

“Yes,” says the speaker. “I promised Anson,” Luther said. “Later, I’ll inform the He family of my decision.

I’ll be leaving for Suzhou at 10 a.m. tomorrow.”

Roma knew that there were several things she couldn’t tell her father over the phone, and that even if she did, he wouldn’t believe her.

If she tells him, for example, that her new Ren Vessel has become a big deal, he would most likely dismiss it as an illusion.

He would not believe her if she told him that someone had given her medicine and that all he needed to do was take one medicine to make his cultivation advance by leaps and bounds and even achieve a qualitative breakthrough.

It is difficult to believe in things outside the scope of one’s cognition if one’s cognition is limited by inherent cognition.

If you let him see it for himself.

It’s pointless to say anything if that’s the case.

“Dad, don’t rush to agree,” Roma hurriedly said. Even if you agree, don’t take the whole family.

And wait a while for me. I need to speak with you face to face about some important matters.

I’ll return early tomorrow morning, and I’ll be there as soon as possible in the afternoon!”

“Roma, I promised Anson,” Luther said. “Maybe he has already told Mr. Su about the situation.”

“It’s fine if he agrees,” Roma hurriedly said. Su family members have the desire to sell their own flesh and blood.

What if anything goes wrong? The most important thing I want to tell you about is the He family’s future.

Regardless, you must pay attention to me. Only after you receive the information you can make a decision!”