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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 283 Start

The pill that Charlie held in his hand was nothing but the medicine he refined according to the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures, but it made everyone’s heartbeat crazily.

A crowd of people waited to see the crystal clear pill, and everyone’s breathing started to rush.

Among these people, Tianqi, the oldest, was the most excited, and even the genius doctor’s usual indifferent manner was almost unable to maintain.

He has a serious old injury that has not been cured, which has caused him to suffer from illness for half his life.

Last time, he occasionally got the pills refined by Charlie, and the symptoms relieved a lot, but the cure was not yet possible.

Now, after hearing that the effect of this new medicine was more than ten times that of the last time, Tianqi was so excited that he even felt that he would be able to completely heal the old wounds.

If Mr. Wade’s magic medicine can really have this effect, then this is a great kindness!

And Warnia’s eyes were extremely excited.

Although Charlie used acupuncture to save her grandfather, his body is still weak. If he wants to live and live a long life, he must rely on Charlie’s magical medicine.

Therefore, at this time, her eyes looking at the magic medicine was extremely hot, and the eyes looking at Charlie were even hotter.

As for Qin Gang, he almost shouted with excitement when he thought of getting two magical medicines.

Charlie said lightly at this time: “Some problems that modern medicine cannot overcome, such as diabetes, kidney failure, and other malignant diseases, can be cured by taking this pill.”

Everyone was even more shocked by the voice!

Although the diseases Charlie said casually are very common, they are all difficult diseases in modern medicine. Not to mention that they can’t be cured by taking medicine, even going abroad can’t cure them.

Especially diabetes is also known as undead cancer, there is no cure at all!

But here with the help of Charlie, a magic medicine can be cured.

This is simply a medical miracle!

Everyone present sighed inwardly, Mr. Wade is really the genius doctor of the world, the true dragon of nine days!

Aoxue’s beautiful eyes were shining, and her complexion was as if a fire was burning. She couldn’t help thinking that Mr. Wade, a figure like this, will surely soar into the nine heavens. She must seize the opportunity and she must not miss it.

Zhovia couldn’t help showing her admiring eyes at Charlie.

Charlie’s ability was something she could not imagine in her entire life. If she could learn some trivial methods under Mr. Wade, it would be enough for the entire medical world.

At this moment, Charlie saw that everyone was eager to see through, smiled faintly, and said: “Okay, let me divide the medicine!”

Everyone couldn’t bear it for a long time, and their faces were full of excitement.

Charlie stood up, took out a pill with one hand, first handed it to the oldest Tianqi, and said lightly: “Mr. Shi, this one is for you.”

Tianqi trembled. He knelt on his knees, holding his hands above his head respectfully, and said humbly, “Mr. Wade gave me the medicine! Mr. Wade is very kind, and I am willing to be a cow and a horse for my whole life, and repay Mr. Wade!”

Charlie smiled slightly: “Mr. Shi, you and I are also destined, don’t be so polite.”

After all, put the pill in Tianqi’s hands.

Tianqi was full of tears, and when he thought of being tortured for half his life by an old injury, he subconsciously wanted to take it all out and completely free himself from the pain.