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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2829 Free Novel

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Luther was perplexed as to why Roma said that.

“Roma, what’s wrong with you?” he exclaimed, shocked. Why do you suddenly start talking gibberish?

You claimed that the He family as a whole might not be better than one person. I’d like to know who is so strong.

Is that what there is to it? “Does that happen to be Master Wade?”

“Dad, I’m not talking nonsense,” Roma said solemnly. We used to have a limited perspective and believed that martial arts are the pinnacle of power.

This is a huge blunder. In reality, in the eyes of people of higher realms, even ants aren’t as good as the martial arts we consider normal…”

“As for Master Wade, I can’t give you many details over the phone, but I can assure you that he is not in the pool.”

Cooperation with him on time is the only way out for our family in the future!”

“What kind of cooperation requirements did the Wade Family Master offer us?” He asked, his face beaming.

“Can he give like the Su family up to 2 billion per year?”

“Master Wade will give 100 million yuan a year for the He family, as well as some training tools that can’t be bought for 2 billion yuan,” Roma said.

“A hundred million?” you might ask. “This little money is to give beggars?” snorted Luther.

What, after all, do you mean about cultivation tools that aren’t worth two billion? What exactly is it? “Is it a two-billion-dollar medical substance?”

“Yes!” Roma said enthusiastically. These drugs, in my opinion, are worth at least several billion yuan, if not several billion dollars, and they may not be affordable!”

“What kind of medicinal materials are they?” Luther inquired quickly. “Tell me everything!”

“They are five medicinal pills with excellent effects,” Roma said.

“Wait, what?” Luther was taken aback: “He will give only five pills?” “Are you sure it’s not five trains, but five pills?”

“It is only five pills,” Roma said solemnly. The results of these five pills are amazing, beyond belief!”

“I just can’t think of any pill that can be magical to the tune of $400 million!” Luther smirked as he listened.

Do you know how many rare medicinal materials two billion can buy? While five trains could be an exaggeration, there is always a complete train carrying thousands of tonnes of valuable medicinal materials!

It can make a lot of Qi San and wake-up syrup, plenty for our family’s younger generation to use whenever they want! It makes no difference if you eat it!”