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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2828 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2828 Start

“Roma!” said to her father, sighing. This time, the Su family’s price is so tempting that he can’t say no. “I have to think about you and Ruoli, as well as the rest of the He family.”

The He family is now in a tough situation. Our family consists of over a hundred members, half of whom are elderly and frail, women and children, and half of whom practice martial arts.

There isn’t a single person in this group of a hundred who can make money. Everyone is a hungry mouth that needs to be fed!”

“Recently, the whole He family has been struggling to save money.

The elderly and children’s living costs have been significantly reduced.

Cultivator rations have also limited the supply of certain medicinal materials.

If this trend persists, the He family’s relative power will be isolated from that of other families within five years. There is a significant disparity.

We’ll never be able to hold one of the four major families’ seats by then. I’m afraid we won’t even be able to stay in the top ten.

In my our, the ancestors’ base will be broken!”

“But now, the Su family is able to continue cooperating with the He family at a price of two billion a year,” Luther said, a little excitedly.

With these two billion, the He family’s current condition can be rectified in a single phase.

When the time comes, complete change, or even to an unimaginable new stage, the elderly in our family will have sufficient living security, children will have sufficient growth security, education security,

and, most importantly, the younger generation who is working hard to nurture will be greatly aided. Our He family may be able to become the country’s top martial arts family in five years.

The revival of the He family is just a matter of time!”

When she heard this, Roma couldn’t help but sigh and say:

“Dad… the so-called eight martial arts families, four martial arts families, and even the country’s largest martial arts family.” These are all made-up names with no practical sense…”

“What are you talking about? Roma!” said Luther, a little glumly.

How much work did our forefathers in the He family put to elevate the He family to one of the country’s four big martial arts families?

You said that such a thing does not exist. Is this true in some way? Is this deserving of the forefathers?”

“Dad, before today, just like you, I believe the He family can become one of the four big martial arts families in the world,” Roma said solemnly.

The meaning is far-reaching and invaluable among them, but I now completely understand that we are nothing more than frogs at the bottom of the well.”

“Dad, can you believe that someone in this world can directly link a person’s Ren Vessel to the realm of Dacheng by himself?” Roma paused before saying,

“Can you believe that someone in this world can directly connect a person’s Ren Vessel to the realm of Dacheng by himself?”

“Isn’t this a fantasy?” Luther exclaimed. There are many masters among the He family’s ancestors, but who can truly enter the domain of Renmai Dacheng?

Meridians Dacheng is an ideal state, as if people will live indefinitely, but consider it!”

“So that’s why I said, why we’re the frogs at the bottom of the well,” Roma sighed. The martial arts path has always felt very powerful to us.

Counting on it, it’s possible that we won’t be able to defeat the opponent on our own, and that we won’t be able to avoid the opponent with a pass…”