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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2827 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2827 Start

“Are you serious?” “Your grandpa must have something important to call so late,” Roma said hurriedly. “Hand it over to me.”

“Mom, don’t forget that we told the Master not to expose my condition to the outside world,” Ruoli said, nodding. Don’t forget about it!”

“Don’t worry, mom knows it, don’t speak,” Roma said solemnly.

“Dad, what’s the matter for calling so late?” she asked after she finished speaking to Ruoli and connecting the call.

“Roma… there is something, dad has to tell you, don’t be angry after you hear it,” Luther said embarrassingly.

“Father, please tell me,” Roma hurriedly said.

“Ahem…it,” That’s Luther said after coughing twice.

Anson unexpectedly arrived in Mocheng tonight…”

“Anson?” says the narrator. “What is he going to do in Mocheng?” enquired Roma, frowning.

“That’s right, Mr. Su sent him over in the hopes of letting go of his grudges and cooperating with the He family once more,” Luther explained.

“Will you cooperate once more?” Roma erupted in anger and screamed, “Dad!” Ruoli was killed by Chengfeng. She is not only his granddaughter, but He’s granddaughter as well!

The He family will no longer have anything to do with this kind of guy because he has no love or affection in his eyes!”

“Roma, these things you are talking about dad understands,” Luther sighed helplessly.

To be honest, your father despises Chengfeng just as much as you do, and I even wish to kill him, but what’s the point? We can’t help ourselves.

You’ve been fighting with the Su family for a long time. We decided to leave the Su family after Ruoli’s accident because of this, but we did not want to keep the Su family liable. In the end, there is still a large strength difference…”

“I confess that the strength gap is too great, and I never considered allowing the He family to go against the Su family and take revenge for Ruoli, so the matter of leaving the Su family and Ruoli at the start,”

Roma raged. Take it in stride; I, for one, will embrace it…”

“What I can’t understand is that you now wish to cooperate with the Su family again,” Roma exclaimed again. Isn’t this implying you’re looking for tiger skin?!”