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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2826 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2826 Start

Roma did not rest at this time.

She and her daughter were talking nonstop on the bed in the Aurous Hill Shangri-La Hotel.

At the time, Roma was in a really good mood.

This is something she hasn’t seen in a long time.

It was more surprising than God’s favor and the Bodhisattva’s blessing to her today.

The daughter is still alive, and her cultivation has advanced to the point that she has become the first He family member in a century.

And the handicapped, such as herself, were given a wonderful opportunity.

Charlie also promised the He family five pills and a yearly payment of 100 million.

For the He family, this is unquestionably the most rare and valuable opportunity in hundreds of years.

Initially, she was eager to return home and notify her father.

But, after all, she hasn’t seen her daughter in such a long time that it feels like a farewell.

As a result, she plans to spend tonight in Aurous Hill with Ruoli before returning to Mocheng the next morning.

After all, there are far too many thoughtful things to say between the mother and daughter.

Ruoli was vividly explaining the situation with her mother when Charlie saved her at sea at the time.

“This man will transform her unsmiling and extremely cold daughter into the appearance of the cheerful and shy girl today,”

Roma thought as she looked at her daughter’s excited expression like a girl. The allure is incredible. “It’s impossible to fathom…”

“However, this is helpful to Ruoli.”

She had been too cold previously. In Su’s home, she was taught how to be a cold-blooded murderer.

She had been reduced to nothing more than a killing machine.

She can see her regaining the qualities that a normal girl should have.

As a mother, it appears that she is much more relieved…”

Roma’s phone rang at this precise moment.

“Ruoli, switch the phone to mom,” she said with a smile to Ruoli.

Ruoli hurriedly stretched out her hand, snatched the charging telephone from the bedside table, looked down, and saw that the caller was her dad, and exclaimed, “Mom, grandpa is calling!”