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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2825 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2825 Start

Anson rose to his feet and addressed Luther, saying, “If that’s the case, Old He, I’ll go with Tom.

Furthermore, Mocheng is too far away, and getting here is inconvenient.

Planes and buses must, I think, be organized. It’s been late. It’s almost twelve o’clock. Tomorrow morning, we are tentatively expected to depart at ten a.m. What are your thoughts?”

“No problem,” Luther said flatly, “we’ll leave on time tomorrow at ten o’clock!”

“Then I will retire first!” Anson said, smiling and clasping his fists.

After that, he went to the guest room with Tom.

Luther was shocked when he was left alone.

He felt more or less unbearable and guilty when he thought of his daughter Roma.

He realized he couldn’t pass up the chance to collaborate with Su family because of his daughter’s feelings.

As a result, he readily agreed to the family’s offer for assistance.

His only concern now is not understanding how to communicate with Roma. Can Roma blame him if she finds out?

When he thought this, he couldn’t help but feel: “Ruoli is more important to Roma than herself. If I go back to work with the Su family, she will not forgive me for wanting to do this…”

“With the Su family’s two billion in hand, I’ll be able to give Roma more money by then so she can keep searching for her daughter. This, too, is a viable option.”

“Roma would not have to go to Su’s house at that time. Simply take the money from Su’s house and go outside to look for Ruoli. Even if she never finds her, if I let her search like this, she will be fine……”

He felt a bit more at ease at this stage.

While the time was a little late, to a practicing family member like Roma, it was nothing.

So he took out his phone and dialed her number.

Some terms, he thought, needed to be explained ahead of time.

If you wait until tomorrow, after the entire family has gone to Suzhou, to tell Roma, she will undoubtedly be upset.

Perhaps if your first step with love, then understand with reason, and then pair with the promise of money, she’ll understand and embrace her his arrangements!