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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2824 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2824 Start

Anson immediately replied: “Isn’t it just the first month of the year? The weather in the south is warming up, and spring is in full bloom.

The master has relocated to Suzhou for a period of time, so let us fly to Suzhou to meet with him.”


However, he had not anticipated the Su family’s request being so urgent that he would have to pack overnight and leave early the next morning.

“Steward Su, the remaining one billion, I don’t know what Master Su planned for that?” Tom hurriedly chuckled.

Anson said with a smile: “If the He family wishes to continue cooperating with the Su family, Master said that he would arrange for someone to sign the contract as soon as the He family arrives in Suzhou, and the remaining time will be the first time after the contract is signed.

The billions we’ve spent have been paid in full. We used to pay monthly remuneration, but in the future, we won’t be as bothersome and will pay them all annually!”

“Wow, that’s fantastic!”

Tom was giddy with anticipation.

Two billion a year is also a significant amount.

It’s even more remarkable if it’s a one-time bill.

You will save a lot of money if you pay monthly.

Put two billion in the bank and leave it to the bank’s fund manager to handle, and the one-year yield will be more than 10% or even more!

Luther was able to quantify the account, and he was naturally happier in his heart, so he said without hesitation:

“In this situation, Anson, let’s make our arrangements separately. I’ll tell the rest of the family to pack their belongings, and you and Master Su will return here. Then arrange buses and planes based on the circumstances.”

“All right!” “In this situation, please ask Mr. He to arrange a room for me, and I will return to the room to organize these items,” Anson said excitedly.

“Tom, you’ve come to make plans for Steward Su!” Luther said, nodding.

Tom laughed hurriedly and said, “It’s not a problem, it’s not a problem! Su, the housekeeper, please accompany me!”

Anson quickly replied: “You must find a warm room for me, Tom. I can’t bear it because it’s so cold…”

Tom said with a smile:

“Don’t worry, the He family only hires people who sleep in a house without fire, with the rest of the house heated by the floor.

It’s nearly 30 degrees Celsius in here, so short sleeves are fine!”

“Wow!” exclaims the speaker.

“Take me over, my scorching face is about to break…” Anson yelled as he wrapped a thick down jacket around his shoulders.

Tom quickly made an inviting motion and said, “Steward Su, please!”