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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2823 Free Novel

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Tom on the side, sweating profusely as he watched his father not respond to Anson’s question.

What concerns him the most now is that if his father’s brain is short-circuited and he rejects Anson, it would be disastrous.

As a result, he hurriedly stated: “Dad, it’s you! Master Su sincerely welcomed us back, and he sent Steward Su directly to invite us. Why should we take our time?”

“I am not hesitant, I am not hesitant, I had already thought about it, but I didn’t think about how to say it,” Luther said.

However, after considering whether or not his son had responded, he added a step between himself and Anson.

He didn’t know what to say at first, but he felt like his son just decided too quickly, and it seemed a little too open for money.

No one wanted to wear such a hat, even though he had truly opened his eyes after seeing the money.

Since the son had spoken first, it was akin to putting on the hat before the money was opened.

You can borrow the donkey from the hill, which is convenient for you.

So he solemnly nodded and said, “Tom is right, Steward Su. This time, Master Su is completely sincere. It’s not safe for us to deny…”

“Then Mr. He have you agreed?” Anson, overjoyed, asked hurriedly.

“Yes, I promised!” Luther said softly.

“Wow!” exclaims the speaker. “Master, if he knows this news, he must be very pleased!” Anson slapped his thigh and exclaimed cheerfully.

Tom was also delighted, and he exclaimed,

“Can we set up the follow-up procedure with the steward Su now that we decided to return to the Su family?

When will it pass, for example, and how will the subsequent payments be made?”

Anson quickly replied: “Tom, because Elder He has agreed, I believe it is best for us to report to the master right away and let him arrange the plane and bus, after which Elder He will quickly notify the entire He family.

Overnight, pack the things. When the bus arrives next morning, we’ll all travel together to the airport, where we’ll board a special plane to Suzhou.”

“Do you want to go to Suzhou?” “Don’t you go to Eastcliff?” Luther inquired, shocked.