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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2822 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2822 Start

“Mr. He, what do you think of it?” he immediately asked Luther.

“I just didn’t expect Master Su to respect the He family so much…” Luther felt a dry pain in his throat, swallowed, and then said,

“Of course, our master doesn’t respect the He family for one or two days,” Anson said with a smile.

Anson smiled as he said, waving his hand and saying:

“Let’s not talk about these ridiculous things because I am old. I’ve only recently relayed the master’s words to you. You are the He family’s leader, and do you think the He family would recognize the master? You must provide me with a firm answer.”

Luther nodded and calmly weighed the advantages and disadvantages of the He family’s approval or rejection of this matter.

Guaranteed, the advantages would be multiple.

Returning to the Su family’s authority, with enough funds, the younger generations of the family will be able to provide all of the resources required to practice martial arts at any expense.

Perhaps within a few years, the He family would be able to produce a group of exceptional geniuses similar to Ruoli.

This is extremely important to the He family.

Since, once the younger generation’s overall strength has improved significantly, the entire He family will easily begin attacking their foes.

The He family has been around for hundreds of years, and every Patriarch’s greatest wish is for the He family to rise to the top of the domestic martial arts family.

Climbing to the top allows you to see all of the mountains, both large and small.

One of the eight large families, one of the four large families, or one of the three large families is no more.

Rather, the biggest and most strong!

There’s no one left!

This is one of the advantages of working with the Su family.

What, on the other hand, are the drawbacks of agreeing with the Su family?

Luther pondered it as if he had nothing else to think about except his aching heart and pity for his daughter Roma and granddaughter Ruoli.

It’s a complete waste of time…

On the one side, his daughter and granddaughter were betrayed by the He family’s centuries-old scheme.

Great variations have emerged from the beginning of this balance.

Luther immediately felt like he didn’t need to worry about this issue at all.

Why wait any longer?

It is time to begin a new journey.