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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2821 Free Novel

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This amounts of two billion a year!

It is only then that he understood that a person’s bottom line could shift at any moment.

At times, he believed his bottom line is crystal clear and his attitude is unwavering. That’s because he has never been faced with a strong enough temptation.

There would be no bottom line at this stage if the temptation had exceeded one’s psychological standards and even explicitly provided him with a super deterrent.

True, Luther was angered by the Su Family’s abandonment of Ruoli, and also their actions of betraying her.

That kind of rage is like a never-ending forest fire that is difficult to put out with ordinary force.

The anger in his heart seemed to be greatly calmed in an instant when he heard the price of 2 billion.

It was as if a sudden wave had rushed through the burning forest with unprecedented speed and intensity.

What if the forest fire is especially ferocious?

Isn’t it enough for a tsunami to submerge the whole forest, never mind a forest fire?

The bottom line has been defeated.

For a long time, Anson stayed quiet.

His eyes, like eagles’, have been eagle-like in their observation of the father and son in front of him, noting all of their facial expressions, eye, and even movement shifts.

Anson’s greatest skill is his ability to observe words and colors.

Mr. Su’s eyes are just as accurate as a polygraph after so many years with him.

He can simply and unequivocally determine that the father and son in front of him have been enticed.

He was finally relieved as a result of this.

Surprisingly: “The master remains concerned that two billion would fall short of impressing the He family.

The psychological cost of this family does not appear to be as high as the master predicted. Two billion appears to be a little excessive.

Let’s say he started with a billion. Let’s talk, there have been several tugs-of-war, and He’s family will undoubtedly be settled within 1.5 billion! What a shame, at least 500 million was wasted, and if the price remains the same, 2 billion will be invested every year for the next ten years. It’s $20 billion… which means at least $5 billion has been invested over the next ten years excessively…”

But then he had a change of heart and thought: “However, the Su family is currently in a state of emergency, and the father’s own safety has become a concern. It isn’t the best time to haggle.

The top priority is to quickly get the He family over and ensure the Su father’s safety. The elderly gentleman must have his own strategy.

For the He family, this price will be retained for a period of one or two years. When the crisis is over, the old man will no longer be able to support the He family at such a high rate.”

Anson felt a bit more at ease after thinking about it.