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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2820 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2820 Start

“One Billion?” you might wonder.

Tom on the side was startled as soon as the paper was taken out.

This amount is very frightening.

May equal the entire He family’s previous two-year income.

Furthermore, the He family is currently facing a financial crisis. Tom is both excited and overwhelmed by the one billion cheque.

This number alarmed Luther as well.

Father Su shocked him by offering one billion in cash with a wave of his hand.

However, he realized deep down in his heart that the Su family’s money could not be taken so easily.

It’s something you can think about with your toes, and the money isn’t exactly secure.

Rather than taking the check, he asked, “Anson, I’m curious why Master Su asked you to take this check with you?”

Anson said solemnly:

“As I clarified that Master feels bad for the He family and hopes to make amends.

He also hopes to be able to preserve the previous cooperative partnership with the He family.

As a result, he confessed to me and asked me to inform you that if the He family agrees to restore cooperation with the Su family, the annual salary will be raised to 2 billion.

It makes no difference if the He family is reluctant. This one billion should suffice as the remuneration to the He’s!”

Luther was taken aback at first.

He expected the Su family to want to continue cooperating with the He family, but he didn’t expect Su’s father’s price to nearly quadruple from the previous basis.

What is this definition of two billion a year?

A listed firm with a market capitalization of 40 billion has a profit of 2 billion year-round, based on a price-earnings ratio of 20 times.

Most companies in the domestic stock market have a P/E ratio of more than 50 times.

In other words, tens of thousands of people are busy with their lives in several group businesses with a market value of 100 billion dollars, and their annual earnings are just 2 billion.

And as long as the He family returns to the Su family’s arms, they will earn a yearly income of 2 billion, which is equivalent to a golden brick from the sky!

Luther was stunned for a moment, and Tom, on the other hand, was already ecstatic and uncontrollable!

He thought this was a great opportunity that the He family had never considered. The He family would be able to ascend into the sky if he took advantage of this chance.

With this large sum of money, in the future, He family might be able to become the country’s top martial arts family!

And he’s on his way to becoming the patriarch of the country’s most powerful martial arts family!

After this, he and his family would be able to fly!

Luther was also a little giddy.

While he was aware that his daughter Roma has traveled to Aurous Hill to meet the Wade Family’s Young Master, he assumed that the Wade Family wanted to work with the He Family as well, but he believed that the Wade Family would not be able to give the He Family such a high price.