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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 282 Free Novel

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Because Charlie’s medical skills are superb, and even his own ancestral medical skills, he knows better than himself. If Zhovia is fortunate to be able to serve Charlie in the future, she will definitely have the opportunity to learn.

This is also one of his purposes for bringing Zhovia to the dinner.

Of course, another purpose is naturally to seek medicine from Charlie.

He has been tortured by his own injuries for half his life, and now he finally has the opportunity to cure him in one fell swoop!

Thinking of this, Tianqi gave Zhovia a profound look, so she must look for opportunities to get closer to Charlie.

How could Zhovia not know her grandfather’s thoughts, and her cheeks suddenly became crimson alluring, embarrassing and hot.

Zhovia hurriedly lowered her head, but waves arose in her heart. From time to time, she raised her head to look at Charlie, her fingers tangled together again.

Mr. Wade is the most powerful genius doctor she has ever seen. Both her character and appearance are superior. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as rare in the world, but she also knows very well in her heart that she can’t be worthy of Mr. Charlie’s attention and admiration.

Except for Zhovia, Aoxue and Warnia also looked at Charlie’s eyes with strange colors, and their beautiful eyes never moved away from him.

Charlie didn’t notice the gaze of the three women. He looked at everyone and smiled. He raised the cup and said, “Everyone, Wade is in Aurous Hill. It’s so fateful to know you all. I have a banquet today and I want to get in touch with everyone more than I can usually. In the future in Aurous Hill, I will inevitably need every one of you to help me.”

As soon as his hand moved, the crowd at the table also picked up the cups, for fear that it was a step slower.

Warnia hurriedly said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade is too polite. If you have anything, please do not hesitate to tell us. This is what we should do.”

Tianqi also followed: “Mr. Wade reaches the world, and his medical skills are superb. The Old Master will admire you very much. If Mr. Wade has any dispatch in the future, the Old Master will dare not follow it!”

Charlie smiled faintly, and said: “Okay, everything is in the wine, everyone will do this glass!”

“Mr. Wade, cheers!”

Everyone drank a glass of wine together, and then respectfully raised the glass, seeing Charlie dare not put it down.

Charlie put the wine glass down first and then took out a box from his arms.

Everyone immediately stopped all their movements, and even their breathing became more cautious, their eyes all staring at the box, their excitement could not increase.

They know that in this box is the magic medicine everyone is thinking of!

Charlie looked at everyone at this time, and said lightly: “This is the medicine he is refining this time.”


Everyone suddenly became excited.

Everyone came rushing to this magical medicine, and at this time they couldn’t wait to see the magical medicine.

Charlie opened the box, revealing the ten pills in it, and said lightly: “Everyone, the medicine I refined this time is at least ten times more effective than the medicine I refined last time!”

“Ten times?!” Everyone was too excited to speak.

They wanted a magic medicine like the last time they were satisfied, but they didn’t expect this magic medicine to be ten times better than the last one!

Charlie said at this time: “My medicine, I dare not say that it can save the dead and turn the living into immortals, but it can strengthen the body, prolong life, and cure all diseases. Before dying, as long as you have a breath, you can get a life back after taking my medicine. It is not a problem to live for a few more years. Therefore, after you take it, you must be cautious and cautious and not be s3xually swallowed!”

Everyone was horrified and unbearable. This time, the medicine was so amazing?!