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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2819 Free Novel

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Luther said, with a dry chuckle, “Please tell Master Su that if Ruoli’s surname was Su after all, even though it was my He family who raised her to adulthood, it’s the same as sending her back to Su’s time.

The Su family received her back. Master Su made the decision to kill her in order to save the Su family. He does not have to apologize to me because I am Ruoli’s grandfather and also an outsider.”

Luther didn’t say it out of the goodness of his heart.

He had a deep affection for Ruoli.

Chengfeng had betrayed Ruoli and was bitter about it.

He was aware, however, that his power was too far away from that of the Su Family.

He would certainly turn the Su Family into an enemy if he said he despised the He Family in front of Anson today.

As a result, he purposely used rhetoric to indicate that Ruoli was a member of the Su family and that he is an outsider.

On the one hand, he couldn’t offend the Su family directly on this topic. He may, on the other hand, indirectly express his disappointment with the family.

After all, a person who can even sacrifice his own granddaughter is unworthy of Luther’s continued friendship, so the best thing to do in the future is to go their separate ways, and no one can bother each other.

Anson is a human, so how can he not understand what Luther is saying?

Despite this, he proceeded to speak in a witty manner: “You are right. Ruoli must be of the Su family’s bloodline since she is the illegitimate daughter of the eldest young master.

However, if this is the case, the master always has feelings for you and your kin. For Ruoli, he is extremely guilty, as half of the blood in her body comes from the He family…”

Luther was irritable, to say the least. Anson, he learned, was still afraid to move the conversation away from Ruoli.

Why did he hold on to this topic when he didn’t want to talk about it?

Anson, just as he was becoming perplexed, said: “In fact, what the master meant was that the He and Su families do not have a typical master-servant relationship. After all, the He’s have built a bloodline for the Su’s.

The master is extremely aware of this and is hopeful that he will be able to make amends.”

Luther’s eldest son, Tom, came in with an iron charcoal-burner while they were conversing.

He was overjoyed as soon as he heard this. He couldn’t help but wait in anticipation for Anson’s surprise as he put the burner in front of him.

He was curious as to what the Su Family Master was able to do in return for the He Family.

Anson reached into his inner pocket and pulled out a check, which he handed to Luther and said, “This is a one billion yuan cash check, Mr. He. I was ordered by the master to deliver it to you.”