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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2817 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2817 Start

In reality, Tom was opposed to the search for Ruoli from the start.

He believed that at the time, the whole world understood that Elder Su had betrayed Ruoli, and that the He family had no choice but to look for Ruoli, not the right one. Didn’t it just mean that Elder Su was opposed to him?

The best option is for the He family to say or do nothing, allowing the old man Su to see that the He family is still on the Su family’s side and is able to accept Ruoli’s fate for the Su family.

In that scenario, Elder Su would certainly provide more benefits to the He family, and Ruoli would be considered a successful death because she used her life to provide more benefits to the He family.

Unfortunately, sister Roma was enraged by Ruoli’s murder, and the old man had to draw a straight line between the He family.

This is awesome.

Ruoli’s death may have been traded for certain benefits, but the benefits were not exchanged, and the He family’s own income was fully taken into account. It was too irrational in his mind.

As a result, he is now very willing for the He family and the Su family to re-establish a cooperative relationship.

Tom’s hopes were shattered when the helicopter landed safely in the courtyard.

Anson jumped out of the helicopter and stuck out his hand from a long distance, trotting all the way to Luther until the blades completely stopped.

Anson took the initiative as soon as he entered, taking Luther’s hand and politely saying, “Mr. He, I haven’t seen you in a long time!”

“Anson, it’s been a long time since I saw you, how have you been?” Luther could only sneer.

Anson sighed and said, “No, it’s not at all pleasant. Is it possible for me to be happier without you?”

He hurriedly said after he finished speaking: “The master demanded that I greet you alongside him, and he also listed the previous events. He has always been deeply remorseful and apologetic.

The master had intended to visit in person, but it was a long journey and the master’s health doesn’t make this possible. His body can’t bear tossing because it’s too heavy, so I can’t help but come for him…”

“Oh, how can he, how worthy to make Master Su miss so much…”

Luther can only tell with a flattering expression.

He quickly made a motion and said, “Anson, it’s too cold outside; come inside and chat!”

“Mocheng is so cold, I think it will be minus 20 degrees, right?” Anson nodded repeatedly and sighed.

“The minimum temperature tonight is minus 35 degrees,” Luther said lightly.

“Hey…” says the voice. Anson said with a smile, “This is much too frightening. Let’s go inside and chat because otherwise my body would be totally frozen in no time…”

Luther guided him to the main hall, a step ahead of him.