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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2816 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2816 Start

Tom, the He family’s eldest son, is also present with Luther.

Roma’s eldest brother and the foundation of the He family’s next generation.

Luther’s face was more or less grave as he watched the helicopter land slowly, thinking that he must be respectful and polite to the Su family who murdered his granddaughter.

He felt more or less receptive at times.

“Dad, once you meet Anson, you must contain your emotions and don’t get angry with him!”

Tom reminded him before the plane landed.

After hearing this, Luther felt uneasy.

In reality, he was well aware that he would never be able to anger Anson.

However, what the eldest son said made him annoyed.

But he also knew that even though he held back the flames, he wouldn’t be able to turn his face away from Anson, which made him even more uneasy.

Anson’s trip’s intent had already been deduced by Tom.

Su’s family is on the lookout for He’s family, and they’re just looking for one thing: The Su patriarch wants his family for something.

In reality, the He family is devoid of any other abilities.

If Su’s is a supermarket, then there is only one thing in this store.

It reminds him a lot of the street vendor selling candied haws. Who has driven a long way to see him.

Other than buying candied haws, what else would he do?

As a result, he was confident that Anson would come over this time, and he was determined to get the He family back to the Su family.

This is just what he had wished for.

Since his eldest son’s life has been extremely tight after the He family separated from the Su family and absolutely ended their cooperation.

On weekdays, the He family used to provide cultivation for younger generations, which would have cost a lot of money, particularly since they have now lost their source of income.

It’s nothing more than a way of securing a source of revenue. What’s more insane is that he spent hundreds of millions to track down Ruoli.

Even though a few hundred million is a large amount of money, he really wanted to use it to find someone in the sea, and the money is insufficient to feed the sea.

What about the sea? It occupies 70% of the planet’s surface area! A US aircraft carrier formation was thrown in, and 99 percent of the world’s countries couldn’t figure out what it was, let alone a Ruoli?