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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2813 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2813 Start

Zhiyu felt like this after thinking about it: “Because my brother guessed correctly, I’ll confirm his guess so he doesn’t get upset.

I will not reveal any additional detail about Grace.”

“Brother, you guessed it right, Grace saved me and mom…” she had no choice but to say.

Zhifei felt a groan in his chest.

“Of course…”

“It is indeed very fiery…

Grandpa has never seen Grace, so he can assume he is the one.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to recall this degree unless he reminds me…”

So he pretended to be ecstatic and exclaimed enthusiastically:

“Oh, no! It is, without a doubt, my Grace! That’s awesome!

When would you take me to meet my Grace, Zhiyu? I need to thank him personally!”

“Brother, I don’t know where the Grace is…” Zhiyu hurriedly said.

Zhifei inquired, surprised: “What exactly do you mean? Didn’t you happen to note Grace’s details?”

Zhiyu expressed her thoughts as follows:

“I saw him, but Grace remained silent and advised me to keep my mother’s identity a secret.

His last name is unknown to me, and mother and I were previously limited by him. We don’t have any more details about him.”

She expressed her fear that Zhifei would not believe her and then added: “Grace is a mysterious man who refuses to reveal anything about himself. You are also aware of this.

Don’t mention him the first time he saved us. He didn’t want to say anything to the two of you.

Perhaps this top player has a bad temper…”

When Zhifei learned this, he couldn’t help but be saddened.

He didn’t have any doubts about Zhiyu’s argument.

Since that Grace is extremely low-key and cold, unable to leave any traces for anyone.

He hurriedly said, “Thinking about this,” “Grace, in my opinion, must be in Aurous Hill.

Then we’ll be free to continue searching for him.

The variety is much narrower this time than it was previously. I assume we will be able to follow some leads!”

Zhiyu feared her brother would notice the hints, so she pretended to agree with him and nodded repeatedly:

“You are right, brother! This is something I was just curious about.

It should be much easier to find Grace now that we can narrow the distance to a city in Aurous Hill!”

She hurriedly said again after she finished speaking:

“However, we must maintain a low profile and avoid making a big deal out of it.

After all, he’s concealed his identity, and he doesn’t want us to find him. If he sees us, he will become enraged, even aggressive. Perhaps he’ll leave Aurous Hill!”