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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2812 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2812 Start

Zhifei has been watching Zhiyu’s expression for a while now.

Zhiyu’s face was clearly uncomfortable and anxious when he spoke about Grace, and her denial was also a little bit of a cover-up, he noticed.

He was almost positive that his sister was lying based on his interpretation of her.

The Grace who saved him and his sister in Kyoto, Japan, should be the one who really saved her and mother this time!

Zhifei got jittery just thinking about it!

“Grace is a top-tier specialist with outstanding strength.

He stays unharmed and can easily destroy many top ninjas on his own.

The Su family would almost certainly be unable to withstand such strength…”

“It would prove that he was in Aurous Hill if he really rescued Mom and Zhiyu!

This will include an explanation for the second uncle’s and father’s disappearances. There isn’t a second choice besides him…”

“Even though he rescued Mom and Zhiyu, if this is done, he will most likely be on the opposing side of the Su family…”

As a result, Zhifei decided to get more details.

At this point, he sighed lightly, looked at Zhiyu, and said, somewhat disappointed:

“Zhiyu, we grew up together and have always had a great friendship, as well as having shared life and death in Japan.

There are 11 million reasons in my heart for your good, what can you hide from me as an older brother?”

When Zhiyu heard this, she couldn’t help but feel bad, and her tone of voice became even more bottomless, and she said, “Brother…I don’t have…”

Zhifei enquired: “Are you a total moron? I haven’t seen you in a long time? You’re in this state, so you’re obviously lying.”

Zhifei, as he put it, said helplessly: “Hey, what are you trying to hide from me by saying this?

The Grace is not just your Grace, but also mine. He saved our lives, and I know you and I both want to repay him! If he really saved you and mother this time, then he owes our Su family four lives.

If I have the opportunity, I would kneel to thank him in person, but you keep covering up here; won’t I ever have the chance to thank my Grace in person?”

Zhiyu’s psychological defense was shattered all of a sudden.

She was unaware that her brother Zhifei had already started moral kidnapping.

She found herself in a predicament all of a sudden.

On the one hand, she promised Charlie that she would not reveal his true identity

Her brother, on the other hand, seemed to have figured out the gist of the situation and stated that. Now she didn’t know how to deny it.