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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 281 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 281 Start

With so many bigwigs gathered together, Orvel didn’t dare to speak loudly at all.

Even in his territory, when he entered the private room, he could only behave like a pug, wagging his tail in front of Charlie, hoping that he could take a look at himself.

Seeing that Orvel was so careful, Charlie smiled at him, nodded, and said, “Mr. Orvel, you are interesting.”

Orvel heard Charlie’s words and said with excitement: “It is my honor to be able to do things for Mr. Wade, Mr. Wade, please come to your seat.”

Charlie nodded slightly and sat down in the position of Master Wade.

Then Orvel said respectfully: “Mr. Wade has any instructions, just call me, I will be at the door!”

After all, he carefully exited the box and guarded the door of the diamond box like a waiter.

Mr. Orvel is also the King of Aurous Hill Underground.

But at this time, he was just a gangster who couldn’t get on the stage.

Each of these big men who ate with Charlie was much better than himself. In his capacity, he was not qualified to go directly to the table. It was already three lives fortunate to be able to talk to Charlie.

As soon as Charlie sat down on the main seat, Warnia followed closely and directly sat in Charlie’s right seat.

The two were close to each other, only half a distance away, Charlie could even smell the faint fragrance of Warnia’s body.

According to the rules at the dinner table, the most distinguished person is the main seat, and the next-level person is on both sides of the VIP guests.

Among them, the Song family is the strongest. As the representative of the Song family, Warnia naturally wants to sit with Charlie.

Therefore, at this time, whoever could sit on the other side of Charlie became the object of other people’s intentions to fight.

Qin Gang pushed Aoxue at this time and smiled and said to Charlie: “Mr. Wade, you are a person with great magical powers. My daughter Aoxue has admired you for a long time and has always regarded you as an idol in her heart. Why not let her sit too? Next to you, serving you tea and pouring wine, what do you think?”

As soon as she said this, Warnia raised her pretty brows, and the expressions in Qin Gang’s eyes were quite meaningful.

But Solmon White cursed secretly in his heart, what a f*cking shame that old dog Qin, wanted to use his daughter to get closer to Mr. Wade.

The main reason why Solmon White gritted his teeth in his heart is mainly that he has no daughters.

He secretly thought, if Solmon White, my daughter, will come out frantically when I get you Qin Gang.

At this time, Aoxue was flushed and embarrassed in her heart.

Although she also liked Mr. Wade, her father had already said that she should seize the opportunity, but in front of a group of people, it was too shameful.

However, although she was embarrassed, Aoxue was not the kind of twisted person, and she simply said openly: “Mr. Wade, please give Aoxue a chance to serve.”

Charlie was taken aback when he heard the words, and said lightly: “Since you have this heart, just sit next to me.”

Aoxue was overjoyed and hurriedly bowed to thank him, and then sat next to Charlie.

Tianqi’s eyes were very envious. In fact, he also wanted his granddaughter to sit next to Mr. Wade. However, Aoxue was the first step, and the first step forward without removing this face for a while.

Tianqi did not dare to think about making Zhovia the woman of Mr. Wade.

But if Zhovia could be favored by Mr. Wade and accepted as a maid, that would be the blessing of cultivation in eight lifetimes!