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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2807 Free Novel

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Furthermore, the noodles are perfectly cooked, and the hardness is just right. At first glance, it appears to be cooked with a pinch of salt and then precisely passed through cold water, resulting in fragrant and solid noodles.

“Mom, what you do here is very wonderful!” Charlie couldn’t help but exclaim as he ate. Why didn’t I realize you had such a valuable skill?”

“In the past, you used to cook,” Claire admitted, “and I rarely get started in the kitchen.” Since you like it, I’ll try to cook for you more often in the future!”

“That’s awesome!” Charlie said with a light nod and a smile. But, my wife, don’t get too busy cooking. Isn’t the Emgrand Group’s schedule jam-packed? It’s preferable to focus on your job.“

“I’ll take care of the change,” Claire said quickly.

“You eat quickly,” she said after speaking, “and if there isn’t enough, there will be noodles in the cup.”

“Wow!” exclaims the speaker.

“The noodles made by my wife are really the best I have ever eaten!” Charlie exclaimed after finishing two large bowls of noodles and wiping his lips.

“Next time,” Claire said, smiling sweetly and comfortingly, “I’ll make you some other braised meat to try!”

“It’s nice to dare to love,” Charlie said with a smile.

The doorbell rang unexpectedly while he was speaking.

Elaine was the first to respond, exclaiming, “Oh! I’ll open the door for President Issac, who must have come to deliver the VIP card!”

After speaking, she bolted.

“I, too, will come out and take a look,” Charlie said as he stood up.

“Dad, there are visitors at home,” Claire said to Jacob. “Let’s go to the living room and say hello together.”

“All right.” Jacob was also eager to meet Issac, so he followed Charlie out the door.

Elaine had already opened the door over there as soon as the three of them entered the living room, and Issac was the one who came in.

“Hello, Madam, I am Issac from Shangri-La,” Issac said politely at the time.

“Oh, Mr. Issac, please come in, please come in!” Elaine hurriedly gave up the room, made an inviting gesture, and said with a smile.

“Then I will trouble you, Madam,” Issac said quickly.

With that said, he saw Charlie walking over as soon as he walked in, so he hurriedly said politely, “Master Wade!”

“It’s very embarrassing to make you have a hard time running,” Charlie said with a small nod.

“Not a big deal, don’t be so polite with me master,” Issac said, flattered.

“Master Wade, these are two Shangri-La unlimited SPA VIP cards, which are for Ms. Elaine,” he said politely as he quickly took two Shangri-La personalized premium envelopes from his pocket and handed the cards to Charlie.