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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2806 Free Novel

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“Oh, Jacob, do you realize that you are eating for free?” Elaine sarcastically asked. I believe you have no self-awareness!”

“Mom, it’s all a family,” Charlie hurriedly said. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Will you have to go out with father in the future to be self-reliant and self-sufficient?”

“Oh, my son-in-law, that’s not what mom intended,” Elaine waved her hand when she realized this.

Mom simply believes that Jacob does not work every day and does not do housework. It reminds me of a slap master. “Adequate……”

Despite her desire to mock Jacob, Elaine did not want to put herself in danger.

If Charlie honestly asked her to go out and find something to do, she will no longer have such a fun leisure time.

“In this way, she will be responsible for mopping the kitchen, sweeping the floor, and cleaning the table to carry out the garbage in the future,”

Jacob added hastily. All will be mine!”

Charlie helplessly shook his head, but it was rude to Jacob. It just so happened that the villa was very big, making cleaning a big task.

After all, Charlie had been living in the orphanage since he was eight years old, so he wasn’t used to asking the aunt.

The young master’s problem is that he isn’t used to seeing anyone waiting for him.

Elaine’s heart became a little more balanced after seeing Jacob taking the initiative to contract housework, so she didn’t bother to argue with him any longer.

She is now awaiting Issac’s arrival because Issac has promised to give Charlie a SPA VIP card from Shangri-La, which is what she is most worried about right now.

After a few minutes, Claire cooked the noodles, removed them from the pot, and quickly dipped them in cold water before placing them in a bowl with his garlic moss fried pork gravy and chopsticks.

“Husband, how about my craft?” Claire said with a smile as he approached him.

“It smells really sweet, it must be delicious!” Charlie exclaimed after giving it a good sniff.

He took a sip of this soup as soon as he finished speaking.

He was pleasantly surprised by this flavor.

The taste of fried pork with garlic moss is excellent, the garlic moss is very fresh, and the heat is well balanced, so the taste is excellent, and Claire cuts the pork belly into diced meat and stirs the rich meat aroma in the pot. The initial garlic moss scent is mixed in, which is very appealing.