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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2800 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2800 Start

Zhifei twitched in his heart, and said to himself, “Why did Grandpa ask?! Is it really the benefactor who saved Mom and Zhiyu?

But…it’s a bit unlikely. The benefactor is in Japan, and Zhiyu was looking for him. She hasn’t got any results for so long. How could he suddenly appear in Aurous Hill and save Zhiyu again?

Is he a stalker who has been following Zhiyu in secret? Then Zhiyu has been looking for him for so long, why didn’t he show up? …It always feels weird and unbelievable…”

Reminiscent of the second uncle and father disappearing in Aurous Hill one after another, Zhifei felt even bigger.

“I always feel that it is unlikely that the benefactor is behind this. Otherwise, even if he secretly protects Zhiyu, he doesn’t need to attack my second uncle and my father one after another, right?

The Su family has never offended him from beginning to end, and even suffered a lot from him. Why should he act on the Su family?”

After thinking about it for a long time, Zhifei couldn’t understand the cause and effect. He could only temporarily put these thoughts behind him, and quietly replied to Chengfeng: “OK, grandpa, I must find a way to ask Zhiyu.”

While Liona and Zhiyu reunited with their family and gathered together, Charlie also returned to his home.

This trip to Syria did not take too long. Although Charlie flew back and forth tens of thousands of kilometers, and many things happened, it was actually just one night.

Therefore, when he returned home, his wife Claire, his father-in-law Jacob, and his mother-in-law Elaine were very surprised.

Claire had just had dinner with her parents. Seeing Charlie came back, she hurriedly stepped forward to help him take off his coat, and said in surprise: “Husband, why did you come back in such a short time when you went out this time?”

Charlie smiled and said, “This time the matter was relatively simple, I came back directly after handling the things.”

Claire hurriedly asked: “Then have you eaten dinner? I made the noodles at night, which was quite delicious, so I will order you some noodles?”

Charlie asked curiously: “Claire, aren’t you busy during this time? Why do you have so much time today, and you still have to cook by yourself.”

Claire smiled and said: “I went to the Emgrand Group for a meeting this afternoon. The first phase of the plan has completely passed the review of the Group, so I can relax a little bit. It just so happens that I came home early today, and spent some time in our vegetable garden.

The garlic moss grows quite well, so I picked a little bit and cooked the garlic sprouts fried pork, and marinated noodles.”

As she said, she hurriedly took Charlie’s hand to the restaurant, and spoke as she walked:

“It’s such a short time for you to go back and forth. It must be very hard to travel too much in a short time. I will cook the noodles for you!”

Seeing Claire caring about him so much, Charlie was also moved in his heart, nodded lightly, and smiled: “Then it will be hard work for you wife.”

Claire smiled sweetly: “There is no hardship, no hardship at all.”

Entering the restaurant, father-in-law Jacob and his mother-in-law Elaine had just finished their meal. Seeing Charlie come in, Jacob said with joy:

“Oh! Good son-in-law is back, where did you go this time? You came back so soon.”