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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 280 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 280 Start

Charlie couldn’t help but look at it a few more times, and today’s Warnia is truly amazing.

If you compare her with Claire, the appearance and build of the two are almost equal to each other, but in terms of temperament, Claire is more than one grade lower than Warnia.

After all, Warnia is a daughter of the Song family, and her temperament is beyond the reach of an ordinary woman.

Aoxue also blushed and walked in front of Charlie, and also bowed.

Unlike Warnia, who is a mature and intellectual beauty, Aoxue’s heroic appearance is fused with the appearance of a current little woman, and it has a special flavor.

Aoxue painted light makeup, coupled with her own martial arts practice, the original temperament was like a snow lotus on an iceberg, extremely lingering.

However, after Charlie was in her heart, she became like a flower in full bloom in the spring sunshine, a little more tender.

At this moment, she looked at Charlie, her cheeks couldn’t help showing a crimson color, adding a little daughter’s gesture.

There was a strange flash in Warnia’s eyes on the side, a woman’s instinct made her subconsciously dampen Aoxue.

She thought to herself: This Aoxue of the Qin family, doesn’t have ideas for Mr. Wade?

Grandfather has instructed her to find a way to recruit Mr. Wade as the son-in-law of the Song family.

And she was really tempted by this proposal.

Could it be that Aoxue from the Qin family had the same thoughts as her own?!

Charlie didn’t know the thoughts of Warnia and Aoxue, but just smiled at everyone, and said: “You will remember from now on, get along with me, you don’t need too much red tape, I am a person who looks down on everything, you just need to treat me plainly.”

When everyone heard this, they waved their hands quickly.

Qin Gang reverently said: “What kind of status is Mr. Wade, we should serve respectfully and not break the rules!”

Solmon White also followed: “Mr. Wade, as the Supreme Master of Nanguang, is kind to me and waits for me. Let alone wait for a while, even if we wait for a day, we won’t say anything.”

Tianqi couldn’t help but put his hand over and said: “Mr. Wade is unparalleled in medical skills, but anyone in Aurous Hill will admire him as long as he knows Mr. Wade’s superb skills.”

Seeing this, Charlie nodded helplessly and said, “Okay, let’s not stand at the door, let’s go in first.”

Warnia smiled softly: “Mr. Wade, please first.”

Charlie didn’t refuse and walked in the forefront.

The other big brothers followed Charlie in turn, falling half of their body distance, not dare to increase it.

Entering the diamond box of Classic Mansion, the dishes in the elegant room are ready and the table is full of delicacies.

Charlie didn’t invite many people, but they were all important figures in Aurous Hill City. All of them were bigwigs. If they were seen by outsiders, they would definitely be shocked.

As the owner of Classic Mansion, Orvel said in a respectful tone: “Mr. Wade, I heard that you are going to treat guests at Classic Mansion. So, I specially set up this table of dishes. The dishes are higher than the general diamond box specifications. There is more than one grade, and the wine is also a century-old Moutai aged wine that was specially delivered by air from Guizhou overnight. I hope you will be satisfied.”

Although Orvel knew Charlie’s abilities a long time ago, the many bigwigs who came today completely shocked him.

Warnia, the eldest lady of the Song family, Qin Gang and daughter of the Qin family, Solmon White, the head of the White family, and the genius doctor Tianqi.

There is a single pick from here. They are all important figures in Aurous Hill, but in front of Charlie, they are like harmless little sheep. Therefore, people like Orvel who are mixed with society are even more inferior. Come to the table!