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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2792 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2792 Start

“What are you talking about?”

Zhifei was taken aback and exclaimed,

“Grandpa, you…what do you mean?”

“My father is fine; why would he suddenly vanish?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Your father concealed his identity and lived peacefully in Shangri-La in Aurous Hill,”

Chengfeng said frankly. He planned to find an opportunity to meet Ito Takehiko of the Ito family, but there is no news since this morning.

“All of his men have disappeared.”

“Ah?” says the voice.

Zhifei had black spots in front of his eyes, dizziness in his head, and was on the verge of collapsing.

“How could this be…” Zhifei muttered incoherently to himself.

“The whole thing is really weird,” Chengfeng said helplessly.

“I haven’t yet discovered any useful information. However, I believe it has a lot to do with the disappearance of your second uncle.

It’s possible that it was done by the same guy. There should be some kind of connection with the Wade family as well.

After all, your father was injured in the Wade family’s hotel, and Aurous Hill is the Wade family’s domain.”

“Grandpa, could it be the Wade family?” Zhifei hurriedly inquired.

He was still with him when the second uncle had an accident, and the other party might get the second uncle away under Master Luther’s nose.

“Wade’s family shouldn’t have such a master, right?” I remember thinking.

“Hey…this is something I haven’t worked out yet,” Chengfeng sighed.

It appears to be inextricably linked to the Wade Family, but when you think about it, the Wade Family doesn’t seem to merit such strength…”

“However, I have sent someone to look for it,” he said again after speaking.

I’ll go to any extent to find clues. In Aurous Hill, you will eagerly await my news.

You can also inquire there if you have any sources. Look for any noteworthy hints.”

“All right…” Zhifei was annoyed and grudgingly agreed.

“I have a headache, so I won’t talk to you anymore,” Chengfeng said again at this point. I’ll keep you informed of any developments.”

“Okay grandpa, then you first have a nice rest and take care of your body…” Zhifei murmured absently.

He quickly recalled what Grandpa had said and hurriedly said, “Grandpa, don’t hang up the phone!” as he spoke.

“What’s the matter?” Chengfeng inquired. “Are you all right?”

“My grandfather just called me, and he said that mother and sister have returned!” Zhifei hurriedly said.

“What are you talking about?” Chengfeng burst with joy and shouted,

“Your mother and sister are back?”

What exactly do you mean when you say they are returning?

“How did they get back?” “Where were they?”

“Grandfather didn’t say anything specific, but they were in Aurous Hill,” Zhifei hurriedly explained.

They just called and asked him to pick them up right away.

Mother and Zhiyu should probably have gone back to Du’s old house in Aurous Hill.”

“How is this possible?”

Chengfeng screamed, turning up the stormy sea in his heart.

“How in the world is this even possible?”

“Zhifei, where are you now?!” he hurriedly inquired.

“I am at the Aurous Hill Olympic Center, and I am going back to the old house to take a look!” Zhifei hurriedly said.

“Go!” exclaimed Chengfeng. Check out what’s going on!”