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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2790 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2790 Start

Zhifei’s entire body became dull as soon as he heard these words.

For more than ten seconds, he was unconscious.

“Zhifei, are you listening to me?” Elijah, on the other end of the line, couldn’t help but ask when he didn’t respond.

“I’m listening, grandpa, you said mother and Zhiyu are back?!?” Zhifei exclaimed. “Really?” he hardly ask.

“Of course!” exclaims the speaker. “Can I still make a joke with this kind of thing?” Elijah asked solemnly. “Please return soon!”

“OK, grandpa, I’ll come back now!” Zhifei hurriedly said.

“You stay and continue to connect with the people on the PR side,” he told the assistant as he hung up the phone after speaking.

“First and foremost, I must leave now.”

He dashed out as soon as the voice faded. Zhifei hurriedly wanted to start the car while sitting in it, but he suddenly hesitated.

For dozens of seconds, his entire body was still, and he felt extremely perplexed and contradictory in his mind.

He had no idea whether his mother and sister had returned safely at this point, or whether this was a good or bad thing.

To be honest, he has always had a wonderful relationship with his mother and sister, and he was sometimes overjoyed.

But there was another uncontrollable thought in his mind.

“Zhifei!” the thought was telling him. Returning with your mother and sister is certainly not a good idea! Remember your grandfather, the old man who is addicted to money and influence, and the explanation for the gifts he now offers you and your father.

In the end, he is doing well and showing vulnerability to you because he is now notorious and feels guilty.”

“If your mother and sister return safely and seem to be in good health, the world’s scorn for your grandfather will be relieved!”

After all, there’s a big difference between someone who is dead and someone who isn’t!”

“Once the two of them return safely, the spit and rage directed at your grandfather will inevitably dissipate, and they will even be forgotten over time!”

“In that case, your grandfather will be able to regain the public’s interest and reasonably recover the Su Family Patriarch’s identity.”

At that point, you and your father will once again be his two orphaned sons!”

“Moreover, at that point, he will no longer feel responsible for you and your father!”

You and your father will lose all of your advantages as well!