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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2784 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2784 Start

Elijah had a gloomy feeling: “What are you talking about? There aren’t any signs at all?”

“No,” says the speakers.

Renel said solemnly: “I’ve started all of the possible relationships, and I’ve found a lot of private investigators and security department informants, but I haven’t found anything about them. Clues that are related, all broken and missing.”

“Are the investigators and informants not being patient enough to look for clues?” Elijah hurriedly inquired.

Renel, powerless, grinned and said, “By the way, when looking for clues, they’ve discovered seven or eight foreign spies. This search has reached unparalleled levels of strength, but no findings have yet been uncovered. There are a lot of valuable hints here.”

Elijah sighed and said, “Hello there! This is really the pits! The two of them were able to vanish from the scene of such a large car crash in the tunnel without leaving any useful clues. This is fantastic. Thank you so much for that.”

Haya rushed to say: “It’s incredible, Dad. The further it shows that there is room for reversal in this case, the better.

Otherwise, to say nothing else, the impact of the car crash at the time would have been unbelievable if it hadn’t been for the fact that Liona and Zhiyu, as well as the others, were already dead.”

Elijah said with a nod: “This is also plausible, but we haven’t been able to uncover any relevant evidence. I’m really worried.”

According to Renel, “I’ve already resolved the situation with you father. At noon tomorrow, I’ll be able to temporarily access the Academy of Sciences’ supercomputer and use the face recognition technology to search all surveillance videos within a 300-kilometer radius of Aurous Hill. Compare Liona’s and Zhiyu’s facial features to see whether we can spot any similarities.”

When Elijah learned of this, he became enraged and exclaimed: “Why didn’t you use it earlier, you man, there’s such a good way? I’ll be able to figure it out now that face recognition is so advanced. As long as Liona and Zhiyu have left photos before being monitored, we’ll be able to figure it out.”

“Dad, the Academy of Sciences’ supercomputers typically have a lot of jobs, ranging from cloud image analysis for weather forecasts to orbit calculations for Mars exploration,” Renel said helplessly.

Almost all uses involve utilizing these supercomputers. In the last few months, one of their supercomputers has been running at maximum capacity. Despite the fact that I have certain rights, I am unable to postpone big national events!”

Elijah couldn’t help but agree when he heard this: “National affairs are important; let us not use power for personal gain.”

Renel rushed to say: “Don’t worry, Dad; their supercomputer will be able to move one of them out at noon tomorrow. There would be a six-hour window, so I arranged with them and spend those six hours.

During the empty window time, all of Aurous Hill’s surveillance videos will be calculated; however, the amount of data is enormous, and the supercomputer’s computing power is equally impressive.

I asked the experts there, and they estimated that it would take about 4 hours to run all of the results. Their follow-up work will not be hampered.”

“This is good…this is good…” Elijah exhaled a sigh of relief.

“Son, after this incident, you must donate a sum of money to the Academy of Sciences, which is regarded as a payment to the institute,” he said after finishing his speech to his second son, Simon, who had been doing business.

Simon said unequivocally: “Don’t worry, Dad; if they can locate Liona and Zhiyu using supercomputer calculations, I’ll donate a million dollars. If they can’t find it, I’ll donate $5 million as well!”

Just as the Du family was pinning their hopes on the supercomputer, tragedy struck.

The car was speeding through Aurous Hill’s outskirts when it came to a halt at a sparsely populated intersection in the suburbs.

“Ms. Du, you should call your relatives,” Issac said afterward, handing Liona a cellphone.

She counted and nodded before picking up the phone and dialing a number.

This is the mobile phone of Elijah, the Du family’s patriarch.

Elijah had gathered his children for a meeting. He wasn’t expecting the phone to unexpectedly ring.

He was irritated even more when he realized it was an unknown number, so he pressed for a response and asked in a threatening tone: “Who is it, exactly? What exactly is the problem?”

“Dad…me…I’m It’s Liona…” said Liona on the other end of the line, and suddenly chocked up.