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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2783 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2783 Start

The atmosphere darkens as the evening progresses.

On the Aurous Hill Ring Expressway, a Rolls-Royce Cullinan is speeding.

One of Issac’s men was behind the wheel.

Issac took a seat in the co-seat of the driver.

Liona and Zhiyu, mother and daughter, are in the back row.

The co-pilot, Issac, looked at the navigation chart and said to the two of them, “Please wait for a moment. We’re just a few minutes away from our final destination. You can call your family when you arrive at the place.”

Liona and Zhiyu were giddy and uncontrollable. They are most concerned that their family members are unnecessarily concerned because it has been too long since the crash, and they can’t wait to let them know that they are still alive.

The two did not say anything because Issac had said something and they had to wait for 10 minutes.

They’ve been waiting for days, and the last 10 minutes have been pretty sweet.

Liona’s father, Elijah, was holding a family meeting with his sons and daughters in the old house of Du’s in Aurous Hill at the time.

They’ve been looking for Liona and Zhiyu’s whereabouts since they rushed over from Eastcliff in recent days.

They used all of the tools available to them, much like the Su family, but they were unable to discover any details about the mother and daughter.

Elijah was at a loss for words at the time. He frowned as he looked at his sons and daughters and asked:

“So, how about Zhifei? Why hasn’t he turned up for the meeting he said he was going to come tonight?”

Renel, the eldest son, said: “Dad, Zhifei just sent me a WeChat message saying he’s deciding what concert-related matters with this year’s performance venues are, and that he won’t be back for a while. Let’s get started.”

“Mischief!” exclaims the speaker. Elijah expressed his frustration by saying: “I know this kid is normally sensible, so why isn’t he being straightforward now? What could be more serious than his mother and sister’s lives? What’s more important?!”

Renel, powerless, said: “I know this child hasn’t been spending much time dealing with the matter of Liona and Zhiyu these days, but he must still be occupied with other things. His family is nowhere to be found and he is putting everything out of your mind.”

“Yes, Dad, I know this child must know it in his heart,” said the second son, Simon, “but he has not found any clues for so long, and he must be a little discouraged in his heart, so don’t worry about it.”

“I still feel like this kid is a little absent-minded lately,” Elijah said, a little glumly. “I’m afraid that he, like the rest of the Su family, is oblivious to family affection!”

“Dad, let’s talk about business first,” Haya, Elijah’s eldest daughter, said at the time.

I’ll go have a nice chat with him if I have time. This is the kid we’ve been watching grow up. Yeah, despite the fact that his surname is Su, he is not the same as his father’s or grandfather’s.”

With a sigh and a wave of his hand, Elijah said: “Let’s not talk about him, please. Write down a summary of your current situation. If you have any suggestions?”

All shook their heads helplessly as they heard this.