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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2781 Free Novel

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Roma was taken aback as soon as Ruoli finished speaking.

She considered Charlie’s ten thousand choices for dealing with Zynn, but she never imagined him sending Zynn to Syria.

“Mom, you must not have any idea of saving father… Master Wade has a feud with the Su family, we have the favor of Master at this time, and we can’t say something… Grace will revenge…” Su Ruoli hurriedly reminded.

“No, I won’t be in the murky waters of the Su family again,” Roma said, shaking her head. “Moreover, the Wade family not only has a feud with the Su family, but your father had also come forward to mobilize an alliance against Master’s father. Master Wade left your father with a way to live, which is already a preferential treatment.”

“If you quit, you must draw a straight line with the Su family in the future, and you must not make the same mistakes,” Roma said again.

“Mom, don’t worry, I’ve already broken up with the Su family; not only that, the Su family’s hate for me will never be forgotten for the rest of my life; in the future, if Master requires it, I’ll certainly stand alongside him and be the Su family’s enemy!”

“Since the accident happened to you, the He family has drawn a clear line from the Su family, and from now on, the He family will serve Young Master wholeheartedly. The enemy of Young Master will naturally be the enemy of the He family, so if Master Wade and the Su family have torn their faces apart, the entire He family will stand firmly beside Master Wade,” Roma said with emotion.

“Mom, grandpa would surely agree to cooperate with Master Wade, right?” Su Ruoli asked hurriedly.

“Of course,” Roma said confidently. “Working with Master Wade is without a doubt the most exciting opportunity for our He family, so your grandfather is impossible to decline.”

“I’ll go straight to Mocheng tomorrow and report the situation to your grandpa,” Roma said again. “Based on what I know about him, he won’t hesitate.”

“That’s fine,” Su Ruoli said coquettishly after calming down: “Mom, after you’ve spoken to Grandpa and Grandpa agrees, you can easily pick ten family members and bring them over, and you’ll be able to accompany me more. Stay with me…”

“Don’t worry,” Roma said with a caring smile, “Mom will be back as soon as possible.”