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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2780 Free Novel

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Roma was even more surprised, her mouth gaping open from ear to ear: “You said Master even rescued the mother and daughter?!“

“Of course!” says the voice. “They would have both been killed by Chengfeng if it hadn’t been for Master’s intervention!” Ruoli nodded.

“Why is Master Wade taking you to see them?” Roma asked, thoughtfully nodding.

“This…” Ruoli paused for a moment.

She was unsure about telling her mother about her father, Zynn.

She is also concerned that her mother will be upset;

Don’t say it, but she is worried about her mum.

“Ruoli, is there anything you want to say to mother?”

Roma asked hurriedly when she noticed Ruoli was reluctant to answer.“

“Mom, I’m telling you something, don’t be anxious to get upset,” Ruoli said after a brief pause.

“Let’s talk about it,” Roma hurriedly said.

“Mom is not in a rush or getting mad, so you can stand in front of me without getting angry, even if the sky falls!”

“Dad was also caught by Master,” Ruoli said.

“What are you talking about?”

Roma was speechless in shock, opened her mouth and eyes wide, and stared at Ruoli for a long time before summoning the courage to ask, “Could it be that Master Wade…?” Is your father dead?“

“That’s not the case,” Ruoli said, shaking her head. “Dad is still alive…”

When she heard this, Roma exhaled a sigh of relief.

Zynn holds a special place in her heart.

After all, the best years of her life had been almost entirely dedicated to Zynn, and she had even dedicated her body to him.

Despite the fact that they haven’t seen each other in years, the feeling in her heart remains constant.

What she feared the most when she learned that Zynn had fallen into Charlie’s hands was that Charlie would kill Zynn on the spot.

After all, Zynn was easy to kill with Charlie’s strength.

She let go of her dangling heart when she learned that Zynn was still alive.

“Hey… Anyway, it’s fine to be alive,” she sighed softly afterward.

“Is your father also arranged to live here?” She inquired while speaking.

“No,” Ruoli admitted, blushing, “Master sent him away…”

“Where did he go?” Roma inquired hurriedly.

Ruoli’s mouth was pursed and she said one word: “Syria…”