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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2779 Free Novel

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To use an apt example, Charlie removed all the massive earth boulders that grandfather should have dug at least 20 years before his fingers!

This type of skill is referred to as supernatural strength.

There’s also Charlie’s pill, which is so magical it’s impossible to put into sentences.

Even if the world’s martial arts family is bankrupt, Roma believes that if this kind of magical medicine is sold, they will compete desperately.

How about a billion dollars? How about two billion dollars?

Even if one billion is used, relying solely on cultivation and the help of certain medicinal materials may not be enough to achieve the effect of this pill.

Nothing is more important than enhancing one’s cultivation level for those who practice martial arts.

As a result of these factors, Roma assumes that Charlie will most likely make moves on the Su and Wade families and even the country’s top families on his own in the future.

She remembered that her daughter seemed to have a clear sense of allegiance to Charlie, and that behind that allegiance was an obvious girl’s mind, so she asked Ruoli,

“Ruoli, tell your mother the truth, do you feel that way towards Master Wade?”

“Mom, what are you talking about?” Ruoli asked, a little embarrassed.

“Master is not only my lifesaver, but also my mentor; my cultivation level is all thanks to successive breakthroughs, so I love and appreciate him in my heart…”

“You are born from me, can Mom still not understand you?” Roma asked, smiling slightly.

“You look at his eyes in a way, I have never seen it in your eyes, and I feel your true love for him.”

“I don’t…” Ruoli retorted flusteredly, then paused for a moment before sighing slightly:

“Hey… Really, I have to say something to my core. A man like Master really understands him. After that, how many women can be indifferent to him?

Not only me, but even sister Zhiyu has been enamored of him for a long time…”

“What?! Zhiyu?! She likes Master Wade too?” exclaimed Roma.

“I think Sister Zhiyu likes Master, she almost likes the devil,” Ruoli said with a wry smile.

“Didn’t Zhiyu disappear with Liona? Have you seen her?” Roma hurriedly inquired.

“Sister Zhiyu and Aunt Liona also live in this hotel,” Ruoli said solemnly.

“What did you say?!?”

Roma became agitated and exclaimed, “The mother and daughter live here too?! Then they know I’m here?”

Liona has always had a special place in Roma’s heart.

After all, she had that kind of relationship with her husband when she was pregnant, and then she gave birth to Ruoli.

She was interested in other people’s relationships no matter what, including when she was pregnant. The third partner in the other party’s marriage.

As a result, she was terrified of seeing Liona again.

“It’s unlikely for the two of them to discover you’re here,” Ruoli said at the time. Master kept them here, after he rescued them.

He didn’t let them leave the room because he didn’t want the news to get out. I was also here.

After spending so many days in this hotel, it wasn’t until this morning that master’s men summoned them, and I noticed that the mother and daughter were also here.”