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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2778 Free Novel

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Roma can’t help but think of Zynn when she thinks of Changying.

She has known Zynn since she was a child, so she is very familiar with his youth.

She is aware of how good Changying was at the time, as well as the fact that Zynn has always existed in the shadow of him.

She was struck by a sense of irony.

Zynn was crushed by Changying in every way at the time, but he was not convinced in his heart.

He didn’t finally breathe a sigh of relief until Changying’s death.

Who would have guessed that Changying’s son has progressed to such a high level?

Despite the fact that Roma saw Charlie for the first time today, he was able to quietly rescue her daughter from the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, and he continued to hide her from the sky so that no one would notice.

Charlie’s strength was far from ordinary, if not frightening, as revealed by her daughter’s knowledge.

Ruoli’s life may have been saved, but he also caused the Japanese Self-Defense Force to lose face in front of him!

The leopard can be seen in the tube.

This incident alone demonstrates Charlie’s extraordinary abilities.

What surprised her, even more, was Charlie’s ability to easily transport her daughter’s Ren Vessel to the realm of Dacheng!

In the eyes of martial artists, this is nothing short of a miracle.

It is an understatement to conclude that it is a miracle.

After all, martial arts training is frequently the best effort for the majority of your life.

Even a great master has no exception when it comes to martial arts instruction.

Every martial artist aspires to be the ultimate Dacheng, but no one knows what that entails.

In their lifespan, they can only do their best. If they try their hardest but still don’t achieve great success, they should allow their children and grandchildren to pursue great success on their own terms.

He is gone, and he has descendants, and there are countless descendants, much like her forefather who made considerable strides.

What exactly did Charlie’s conduct imply?