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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2777 Free Novel

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Roma became anxious and unsure of what to say, so she shouted, shocked and delighted, “This…this is too costly, how can we…”

“I and Ruoli are both destined, not to mention the long-term cooperation in the future,” Charlie said with a wave of his hand. Ms. He doesn’t have to think about it anymore because a small pill isn’t important.”

“You mother and daughter have finally met again,” Charlie continued, “There must be a lot to say, I won’t bother you too much.”

Roma saw that Charlie had already agreed to end the discussion and realized she didn’t have to worry any longer, so she said politely, “Please follow Master’s arrangements!”

“Young Master, then I will take my mother back to my home,” Ruoli said from the side, taking a step forward and bowing. Please let us know if you have anything to do with us.”

“Go ahead, contact the staff directly if you have any needs,” Charlie said with a nod.

Thanking Charlie the mother and daughter, Roma and Ruoli were able to return to their hotel room.

Roma couldn’t stop crying as soon as she walked into the room.

“Mom, why are you crying again?” Ruoli rushed forward and questioned.

“I am so relieved…” Roma sighed as she brushed away her tears. Mom has uncontrollably considered countless possibilities since your crash, both good and bad,

But still, it’s the best possible I’ve ever considered, and it’s less than one-tenth of what it is now… Mom had not expected your life to take such a dramatic turn…”

“Mom, I’m sorry, this time has made you worry…” Ruoli said, her eyes red.

“With today’s situation, Mom’s previous worries are all worth it…” Roma grinned, relieved.

“By the way, Ruoli, what is the origin of that Master?” she inquired, curiously. She can’t believe she has ever heard of such a strong Wade family junior! “Can you tell me his name?”

“Master’s name is Charlie Wade,” Ruoli hurriedly said.

“I have an impression of this generation of men from the Wade family, there appears to be no one called Charlie…” said Roma, frowning.

“Mom, do you know Changying Wade?” Ruoli inquired.

“Changying Wade?” exclaims the narrator. “Of course I know,” Roma exclaimed, “that was the Wade family back then, one of the most illustrious in the world, your father…”

Roma inadvertently mentioned Zynn, but she was afraid that her daughter would be upset if she talked about what the Su family had done, so she quickly said, “I don’t want to talk about your father.” Why, did you suddenly bring up Wade Changying? Many years ago, he died suddenly.”

“Mom, Master Wade is Changying’s son,” Ruoli said quickly. He moved to Aurous Hill with his parents when he was eight years old. His parents died suddenly not long after.

Master Wade hasn’t stopped since then. He’s been in the orphanage since he was a child. He has not, in truth, returned to the Wade family. Despite the fact that his surname is Wade, he now runs his own business.”

“I didn’t expect him to turn out to be Wade Changying’s son…” muttered Roma, all surprised.