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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2775 Free Novel

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Ruoli couldn’t take her gaze away from Charlie. No one could compare to the picture of Charlie in her mind at the time.

She couldn’t understand why Charlie possessed such incredible strength and abilities.

He only gave her a pulse for the first time, but she didn’t expect to be able to support her get through the whole pulse.

He gave her a pill this time, but she didn’t expect it to help her get through the third meridian.

For average citizens, these two historic breakthroughs are once-in-a-lifetime occurrences.

Many people have spent their entire lives cultivating and learning, but they have yet to fully open the Ren Vessel.

More people tried their hardest to learn martial arts, but they were unable to complete the three meridians.

However, in a very short period of time, she was presented with two excellent opportunities, one after the other.

Furthermore, Charlie’s assistance was instrumental in achieving the two major breakthroughs in a flash.

It also means that Charlie will achieve a significant breakthrough for a martial artist of his caliber while conversing and laughing.

From this perspective, Charlie’s power maybe a hundred or thousand times greater than his!

Roma was ecstatic. She was inundated with surprises today. Her daughter is still alive, and she has made significant progress in her cultivation.

Is it not possible to get any more thrilling than this?

In addition, she was struck by her daughter’s light, and in one leap, she fully opened up the Ren Vessel, doubling her power. It was clearly a divinely appointed opportunity.

This young man in his twenties was the one who provided her with this series of surprises and opportunities.

“Master, the whole He family, would like to see you as the head of our horse! All will follow your dispatch!” she said earnestly to Charlie.

“I am even now when I am hiring people,” Charlie said indifferently, “and if the He family is able to cooperate with me in all ways, then I will provide the He family with five medicinal pills per year for an additional 100 million yuan!”

When Roma heard the words “Five Pills,” she was overjoyed.

She thinks about her family, so she instantly thought, “If one pill can double a person’s ability, why can’t the family develop at least five first-line masters, or train two? A Super League top-ranking expert!”

“If these remarkable talents continue to receive the pill in the second year, their power will undoubtedly grow rapidly!”

“If Ruoli can get an elixir from it every year in the future, she may be able to get through the fourth meridian after four or five years, and her power will grow again!”

“You must understand that the entire He family has hundreds of years of martial arts history, and there is only one master who can get through the four meridians! If Ruoli takes Master Wade’s pill, she is very likely to become the He family’s hundreds of years of martial arts history Second person!”

“Give the He family ten years, Ruoli will be able to open up five meridians, and there may be some more masters in the He family who can open three or even four meridians!”

“In that case, the He family’s power will be greatly enhanced, and it may even become the country’s number one martial arts family!”

“Ten years may seem like a long time, but it is a blink of an eye in the He family’s long history of hundreds of years!”