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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2774 Free Novel

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The most important difference between the He family’s Bukisan and Charlie’s Pill is the medicinal properties, the medicinal effect.

The essential properties of a drug are referred to as medicinal properties.

Right now, I’m only using the analogy.

Blood Rescue Pill is a military-grade heavy bomb.

The Buqisan is just a regular firework.

The difference is not only in the amount of energy released, but also in the fundamental nature of the explosion.

Combat explosives, for example, can pierce a one-meter-thick steel plate and a ten-meter-thick concrete fortification. Ordinary firecracker gunpowder, on the other hand, will not pierce a one-meter-thick steel plate. It’s a fundamental flaw in the natural world.

He’s Buqisan is an example of this.

One pair per month is equivalent to a monthly extra meal of large fish and meat. It can increase nutrient intake and boost physical health to some degree, but I want to eat a masterpiece just by consuming this kind of food. It’s all a bunch of nonsense visions.

Charlie’s blood-saving Heart-saving pill, on the other hand, is a one-of-a-kind panacea!

Ruoli, who was standing to the side, felt the same way.

She has always been regarded as one of the Su family’s most eligible offspring, so she used to get at least Sanfu Bukisan and Xentel Decoction every month, but these two medicines just gave her the feeling of “It’s better than nothing,” and she was still far from making rapid progress.

The pill provided by Charlie, on the other hand, contained a surge of internal power that not only improved the meridians immediately but also strengthened the entire body from the inside out.

Furthermore, this internal force is not a scourge of wild beasts tearing through the body, but rather a meticulously nourishing force that feeds the whole body from the inside out. The pill’s effectiveness has increased. It seems like every cell in the body is following this.

What shocked her the most was that the third meridian she had been unable to break through, the Chong meridian in the odd meridian’s eight channels, also broke through silently at this time!

This kind of breakthrough isn’t quite as spectacular as thunder on the horizon, but it’s just as smooth and normal as piercing a sheet of window paper!

Furthermore, the main Vessel, which had been opened, was on the verge of breaking through 40% to 50%!

You should know that in the He family for many years, only one male, Ruoli’s grandfather, has opened up the three levels of meridians.

Despite the fact that Luther has opened up the three meridians, they are not as smooth as Ruoli’s.

Ruoli’s power unexpectedly became the top one of the He family, at least doubled on the previous basis, with only Charlie’s pill!

How could she not be ecstatic about such a fantastic opportunity?

Her mother, Roma, benefited greatly as well!

Her eight odd meridian channels are similar to Ruoli’s. They only open up Ren and Du’s second channel. The Ren channel is 50 percent complete, while the Du channel is 20 percent complete.

However, the strong medicinal effect of this pill caused her Ren Vessel to succeed immediately, and the main Vessel also broke through to 40%.

Her present strength is comparable to Ruoli’s before she began taking the drug.

Be mindful that Ruoli’s meridians have been sparsely passed through by Charlie with aura prior to taking the drug. Renmai Dacheng not only raised her cultivation level significantly, but she also laid a stronger foundation for future cultivation. A sturdier base.

Roma now has the same solid base.

“Thank you. Master bestowed such a precious pill to me and my daughter. Your great kindness is unforgettable for me!” Roma knelt on her knees again, reverently and with great gratitude, and said, “Thank you. Master bestowed such a precious pill to me and my daughter. Your great kindness is unforgettable for me!”

“Master, thank you for your pill… This pill must be very expensive, right?” Ruoli said excitedly as she knelt on the ground subconsciously.

“Of course it’s expensive,” Charlie said flatly. “This kind of medication has a price but no market; no one has it except me.”

“If Ruoli, I believe you used the medication to get through the pulse just now, and your power has almost doubled; it’s gratifying!” Charlie said.

When Roma heard this, she was taken aback and exclaimed, “Ruoli, you…you have broken through the pulse!”

“Yeah…” said Ruoli, her eyes red, “Mom, my pulse has been opened up…”

“Since your grandfather opened Chongmai 40 years ago, there has been no second person who can open Chongmai for 40 years… Today you finally did Get through…” said Roma, who was in tears and in awe.