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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2773 Free Novel

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When she saw Charlie take out two tablets and hand them to her and her daughter, she couldn’t help but ask, “Master, can we just take this medication now?”

“Yes,” Charlie said solemnly, “this drug is made with a special formula, it melts in the mouth and the result is released very easily, there are no toxic side effects, and you can try it right now.”

Despite the fact that Roma has no idea how powerful this pill is, she is certain that Charlie will not hurt her or Ruoli, so she said without hesitation,

“Thank you, Master, then I will give it a try!”

She put the medicine in her mouth without hesitation after speaking.

Ruoli didn’t give it much thought until swallowing the drug.

Both of them were shocked to find that after taking the pill, it melted like ice cubes in hot water and then turned into a liquid current into the body.

This is both the mother’s and daughter’s first encounter with this sensation, so it’s understandably thrilling.

The Pill is refined using the process described in the “Nine Profound Heaven Classics,” though it is not as successful as the Rejuvenating Pill. It differs from all other Chinese medicine pills in terms of nature at this point.

Other pills are boiled in ordinary ways, and then the boiled concoction and mud are turned into wax pills, making them relatively difficult to swallow. Once swallowed into the belly, the pills would slowly digest and release the drug for a long time.

Charlie’s tablets, on the other hand, were different.

The pill’s entry transforms into a warm current that flows into body, and then one can sense an incredibly pure internal force rapidly radiating through the body’s meridians!

Mother and daughter have never experienced an internal force so strong and pure. They’d all been caught off balance.

Roma was the first to regain consciousness. “Ruoli, this internal power found in the pill is incredibly awesome, quickly direct it to run in the pubic region, and don’t waste this great opportunity!” she exclaimed, unable to control her inner ecstasy.

Internal force can be run in the body by all martial arts practitioners who practice the inner family heart system, and they know how to move it through the body meridians and into the dantian.

It’s just that most martial artists’ internal strength is pitiful, like gathering dew on grass leaves every morning because the amount is so minimal that every drop appears to them to be extremely important.

Ruoli and Roma have always been the same, working hard every day to run a small internal force, nourishing and developing their own power a little at a time, and change has been slow.

Charlie’s blood-saving, heart-saving pill, on the other hand, was like a downpour in their bodies, and the surge of internal energy totally outstripped their understanding!

Roma even believes that in front of Charlie’s pill, His most precious form is completely different from the mud, and it isn’t worth mentioning!

If Charlie’s pill contains a powerful heavy bomb, the qi scattered in front of it, at best, it’s just a rub that even children would dare to hold in their hands and set off the weapon

Even if a million or ten thousand pairs of Buqisan Powder were combined, they couldn’t compare to Charlie’s pill!