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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2772 Free Novel

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“Master, our He family’s internal boxing system has a relatively large demand for temperature and medicinal materials,”

Roma said in response to Charlie’s query. It is primarily composed of qi-invigorating drugs, as well as medicinal materials for body strengthening, such as ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, velvet antler, and cordyceps sinensis.

Some Chinese herbal medicines used for bathing medicinal baths are primarily responsible for body strengthening.”

“Our family has two prescriptions, one is called Bukisan, and the other is called Xentel, Bukisan is made of precious medicinal materials such as ginseng and Ganoderma in a unique way, and the traditional Chinese medicine made by boiling will replenish qi, blood, and internal force after oral administration, so as to enhance the internal force and enhance meridia,” Roma said.

“As for the Xentel, it’s a decoction made from a variety of Chinese herbal medicines that people soak in to strengthen their bones and muscles and improve their overall strength.”

“Then how much does your entire family spend on medicinal materials each month?” Charlie inquired.

“In the past, our investment was at its peak, at least 20 to 30 million yuan every month,” Roma hurriedly explained, “basically, we can guarantee that every member of the martial arts family will receive a pair of Buqisan powder and a pair of Xantel powder every month, or even two to three pairs if the Body Decoction is a key training object.”

“However, since the family’s financial condition is a little stretched,” Roma sighed and said, “my father temporarily cut off much of the investment in medicinal materials because the family’s financial situation is a little stretched.”

“At the moment, the family’s approximate monthly cost of medicinal materials is about three to five million yuan; most family members with ordinary qualifications can no longer receive medicinal materials; there are only a few main training items, which they can scarcely use, but the medicinal materials are also greatly discounted, and the medicine’s effectiveness is naturally weakened.”

“How is the effect of your two medicinal materials?” Charlie inquired once more.

“In fact, even if the medicinal materials are not discounted, the effect is not very strong,” Roma said helplessly,

“mainly because the effects of the prescriptions we use are relatively average, and the loss of medicinal materials is great. People may see immediate results, but for those who already have a certain training base, the effect can only be said to be average.”

“When it comes to prescriptions, I happen to have a pill that can improve the body’s internal and external power. I personally think it’s very healthy, but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate. The inner heart of your family, Madam He, you can try this medication with Ruoli,” Charlie said peacefully.

Charlie drew two blood-saving, heart-saving pills from his pocket as he spoke.

This type of pill isn’t particularly important to him. He can refine it in vast amounts if he needs to.

This type of pill has little effect on someone like Charlie, but it has a great effect on ordinary citizens.

If someone suffers from hemiplegia and high paraplegia, both of which can be treated with this medication.

Ordinary people can significantly enhance their physical health by taking it, which has the benefit of extending lifespan to some degree.

This drug possesses remarkable medicinal properties. Internal strength is certainly a panacea that you can’t even think of for martial arts practitioners like Roma and Ruoli.

It can not only strengthen the body and strengthen the meridians, but it can also significantly enhance Internal strength.

Like Aoxue initially relied on a blood-saving, heart-saving pill, and her strength quickly improved in a short period of time.

She went from being well behind Ito Nanako to overtaking her with just only one pill. This demonstrates how effective this type of effect can be on ordinary martial artists.

The power of Ruoli and Roma can be seen by Charlie. Even though they are at the top of the martial arts family, they are still poor, and they can’t even make it to the table.

As a result, the effect of the He family’s medication tonic method must be small, and it may not even exceed one-thousandth of that of the blood-saving heart-saving pill.

As a result, he had a strategy in his head.

“Didn’t the Su family previously use the money to purchase the He family?”

“Then I’m going to change my course today!”

“To profoundly bind He family, I will use money as a complement and medicine as the mainstay!”

“Doesn’t the family want to cultivate more masters?” “How can it give you 10 billion a year with your current system alone?”

“Even if I let the people eat ginseng every day, how about it?”

“Using that method of stacking medicinal materials, in any case, the effect is certainly not as good as my blood-saving heart-saving pill!”

“After personally witnessing the effects of the blood-saving heart-saving tablets, I believe the He family will certainly regard it as a normal!”

“At that time, all I have to do is give the He family a few pills every year, and the entire He family will be desperate to follow me!”

Roma is also unaware of Charlie’s feelings.