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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2771 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2771 Start

Charlie said, with a small smile: “By the way, Ms. He, if you’re interested in the He family, we should talk about a potential collaboration.

I’ll recruit you to work with me at that time, removing the need for you and Ruoli to split.”

Ruoli on the side said excitedly: Roma did not talk “That’s fantastic! Then you’ll switch to Aurous Hill, Mom!”

Roma “If you just told me not to tell anyone about Ruoli, then I can’t bring anyone from the He family over, and let her work together…

However, if I am unable to carry any family members, I am a disabled person with restricted ability, and I am uncertain what I can do for you at that time…”

“Ms. He, I understand what you mean,” Charlie said with a small smile. “However, in my view, this issue is not contradictory.”

After a brief pause, Charlie spoke up and explained: “First and foremost, I am very interested in working closely with the He family.

This cooperation is focused on me, you, and the rest of the He family, so you don’t have to worry about Ruoli whether you support her or not.

Even if the He family sends thousands of people to Aurous Hill with you in the future, they will have no idea who Ruoli is.”

Roma said with a slight nod: “Even though the entire He family has developed deep cooperation with you, Master, it is still impossible to inform the other family members of Ruoli’s situation except for me. Is it okay if I view this way?”

“No problem,” says the speaker. With a smile, Charlie said: “The He family has now broken away from the Su family and needs a steady source of income, so I’m considering broadening my sphere of influence.

It’s when people need to be hired, so I’m hoping He’s be willing to work with me. Furthermore, the compensation I can offer to He is unquestionably something He will not be able to refuse.”

Roma politely bowed slightly and said: “My father decides whether or not the He family can comply with you, so I’ll take the liberty of asking you what kind of conditions you should give the He family.

If it is more convenient for you, you will inform me directly, and I will forward your message to my father, who will make the final decision.”

“What conditions did the Su family give you before?” Charlie asked, laughing.

Roma “Every year, the Su family will pay the He family a fixed contract payment. The total sum is 600 million yuan, which is split into 50 million yuan monthly payments.

In addition, there will be an event at the end of the year. There is an estimate to be made. If the He family performs the necessary number of tasks during the year. We will earn an additional one to two billion in bonuses.”

“This is essentially the same as the basic salary plus success bonus model for jobs,” Charlie said lightly.

“Yes,” says the speaker.

Roma: “The He family could only do their best to support the Su family in the past in order to make more money.

This is mostly due to the fact that there are immediate descendants of the He family who practice martial arts. More than fifty people live in the He household, and the different medicinal materials needed by so many people to practice martial arts account for more than half of their income.

If we break up with the Su family after the accident, they will instantly stop paying us in cash, including the last payment. The monthly payment of $50 million was not repaid.

During this time, the He family’s financial condition worsened, and everyone’s cultivation development was seriously hampered.”

When Charlie heard this, he raised his brows and inquired, “Ms. He, may I inquire, what kind of medicinal materials do you need for cultivation?”