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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2770 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2770 Start

Charlie assisted the mother and daughter to their feet, then turned to Roma and said, “This time, Ms. He, you came to Aurous Hill to check on Ruoli’s affairs. Please make every effort to keep it fully confidential.

Keep it a secret from everyone, including the He family!”

Roma knows that the safest way to keep a secret is to not tell anyone; otherwise, if an opening is made, it can become known to outsiders in the future, no matter how small the opening is.

Roma knows that if Ruoli is her own daughter, she will never show it to the outside world. The rest of the He family, on the other hand, is difficult to categorize. Her father, too, may not be absolutely trustworthy.

As a result, she is naturally tight-lipped about her daughter’s safety.

As a consequence, she claimed emphatically: “You may rest assured, Master, I will keep my mouth shut on this. I’m not going to tell anyone after I leave this place!”

“Mom, when are you going to leave?” Ruoli inquired as soon as she heard this.

“I told your grandfather that I will go to Jiaodong Peninsula tomorrow to find your whereabouts, so I will go there tomorrow,” Roma said after a moment’s thought.

Ruoli was distraught, holding Roma’s one-armed body coquettishly in her arms like a little girl: “Mom… Can’t you stay with me for another day because you haven’t seen me in a long time?”

“Ruoli, of course, mom wants to stay with you, don’t say stay with you for one more day, even if I am here with you in the future, mom is able to…” Roma sighed and said seriously.

Roma, speaking of this, said helplessly: “But… everybody in the He family knows I’ve been searching for you for a long time.

This time, I also told your grandfather that no matter what Maste Wade says to me or what So says to me, I have to go to the Jiaodong Peninsula tomorrow to look for you.

I’m afraid your grandfather would become suspicious if I unexpectedly stay in Aurous Hill and do not leave…”

“While I have no doubt that your grandfather would not harm you, the He family has a tangled web of relationships and too many uncontrollable variables.

And, despite the fact that we have broken with the Su family, I have always believed that they are secretly watching us.

If they inform the Su family that you are still alive, it is possible that they will continue to pursue you.”

Ruoli’s expression became resentful when she heard Roma mention the Su family, and she said coldly: “Mom! Our He family has devoted many years to the Su family’s business, but in the end, the Su family is not only uninterested in our old relationship, but also uninterested in my family, and even sold me to the Japanese Self-Defense Force. I’ll pay back this anger in the future!”

Roma “In the eyes of the Su family, we are the bodyguards they paid for. They were the servants of the nursing home in ancient times. They believed that as long as they provided us with money, we should be happy. We’re desperate, and we’re not deserving of their feelings, in their opinion.”

She spoke with a sigh and said: “In terms of retribution, Mom recommends that you put it off for the time being. In any case, the Su family’s power is unrivaled by the He family.

In the future, you will obey Master. Just sit by Master Wade’s side in the saddle, and don’t think about getting vengeance on the Su family.”

Ruoli, red-eyed and choked, said: “I’m not going to give up on vengeance. Three and five years will not suffice; three and five years will not suffice; ten and eight years will suffice.

With just twenty participants, it’s practically impossible. Years, even decades, will pass before I make the Su family pay for all of this!”

Roma: “It doesn’t make sense for Mom to persuade you based on what’s in your heart, but you must control your emotions.

Your cultivation standard has reached a critical point. Don’t let hate take over your life. What a demon can’t achieve a thinking human can achieve!”

Ruoli gave a soft nod.

At the time, Charlie said: “You and Ruoli haven’t seen each other in a long time, Ms. He, so you should go back to your room and relax. I’m sure you’ve got a lot to say to each other.

I’m going to let you go. Have dinner, and if you need any additional assistance, please contact the service staff.”

“Thank you, Master!” Roma said with a small bow.