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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2767 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2767 Start

Roma hurriedly turned around, looked at Charlie shocked and moved, and asked, “Master Wade, you saved Ruoli?!”

Charlie smiled slightly and said calmly: “When the accident happened, I happened to be there. I took her back to China by boat, so I rescued her and brought her back.”

After speaking, Charlie said again: “By the way, Ms. He, I kept Ruoli at Shangri-La during this period of time, and did not allow her to contact the outside world. I’m sorry to worry you for such a long time. Please don’t think negative.”

Roma hurriedly said, “Where are you saying, Master? You saved my only daughter. I’m grateful that you haven’t had time. Why? It’s a strange meeting…”

Roma suddenly realized that her daughter Ruoli seemed a little different from before.

After practicing martial arts for many years, she noticed that Ruoli’s aura is much more stable than before, and also faintly stronger, so she asked in surprise: “Ruoli, your martial arts training has broken through?!”

Ruoli nodded and said, “Thanks to Master Wade’s initiation, he helped me to completely open up the Ren Vessel and let me succeed in it. In addition, I have been staying in the hotel room during this period of time, practicing hard and consolidating. Because, so there has been considerable improvement in strength!”

Roma said dumbfounded: “What? Your Ren Vessel has been successfully established?!”

Roma, who has practiced martial arts for half a lifetime, understands what it means to completely open Ren Vessel.

People have eight channels of strange meridians, and those who can get through the two channels are already top-notch masters to ordinary people.

If you can get through more meridians, that would definitely be a master of martial arts.

But even a martial arts master who can get through half of the odd meridian and eight channels, on average, can only get through 50 or 60% of each meridian.

Moreover, for so many years, hardly anyone has ever heard of anyone who can completely open to the realm of Dacheng.

In the past, the top masters of the He family did not have the opportunity to completely open up the Ren Vessel, and at most, they were able to get through 80%. He was at the top of the pyramid of the entire He family for so many years.

According to what he himself said, the reason why he was able to achieve such an achievement mainly relied on the 80% of the line of Ren.

The Ren and Du two meridians are the most basic of the eight meridian channels. For martial arts masters who practice internal martial arts, these two meridians are equivalent to the two most important arteries in the human body.

Their importance to the human body is equivalent to the two most important strategic transportation railways in a country. The greater the volume of these two railways, the stronger the country’s combat readiness.

In the event of war, such a large artery can transport 10,000 people a day, or 100,000 or 200,000 people a day, which will play a decisive role in the victory or defeat of the war!

Therefore, there is a meridian that can reach an unobstructed degree of more than 80%. For martial arts masters, it is equivalent to having a very powerful strategic artery. Based on it, the strength of the whole person will be greatly improved.

If this meridian can be completely successful, then the martial arts behind it can be said to be twice the result with half the effort!

For so many years in the entire He family, there has never been a person with a great reputation, so Roma can’t believe that such a huge breakthrough will happen to her daughter.

So, she asked Ruoli with a look of shock: “Ruoli, are you kidding with your mother?! A person of Renmai Dacheng, I have never heard of it in my life…”

Ruoli unswervingly said: “Mom! I didn’t make a joke with you! Master Wade is a top master with great supernatural powers. After he helped me completely open up the Ren Vessel, my strength has improved by leaps and bounds, and now my main Vessel has continuously broken through thirty percent, now I am faintly breaking through the 40 percent. In the beginning, my Ren channel was only 40 percent, and the main channel was less than 20 percent!”

Roma subconsciously pinched Ruoli’s vein with her hand, and then used internal force to explore it. After a while, Her whole person’s expression immediately became extremely shocked!

Immediately afterward, she came back to her senses, released Ruoli, turned around to look at Charlie, and suddenly knelt on the ground with a thud, choked up, and said: “The great kindness of Master Wade is unforgettable!”