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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2763 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2763 Start

Anson opened the mouth and said: “Maybe it was the smoke bomb they deliberately released?”

“Smoke bomb?” Chengfeng was even more surprised, and said: “It’s not interesting to have this kind of smoke bomb? …”

Just when Chengfeng was puzzled, Zhongquan called.

Chengfeng hurriedly connected, and blurted out: “Zhongquan, where is my son!”

Zhongquan said coldly: “Chengfeng, how do I know where your son is?”

Chengfeng cursed: “You fcuking fcuk, fcuking with me is a rogue Huh?! My son disappeared from your Shangri-La Hotel! You fcuking tell me that you don’t know?”

Zhongquan immediately warned, “Chengfeng, it’s not so fcuking bloody! You said your son disappeared at the Shangri-La Hotel, I let the People check all the check-in information of Shangri-La, and there is no such name as Zynn Su! And I also asked people to check the surveillance video, there is no footage of Zynn staying in Shangri-La at all. I fcuking suspect now seriously. Did you deliberately find fault with me? Did you make Zynn hide, then write and direct such a story , and then ran over to question me and start a war with me?”

Chengfeng heard this. Suddenly he exploded, and he blurted out: “Stop fcuking [email protected]! Am I so bored?!”

Zhongquan sneered: “Who the hell knows you? Didn’t the Japanese use the same reason in 1937?! I didn’t expect it. After so many years, let your old stuff learn it!”

“Fcuk!” Chengfeng gritted his teeth angrily: “Zhongquan, you [email protected] your mother!”

“I [email protected]?” Zhongquan said coldly: “Your son is just the root. never been to Shangri-La, you come to question me now, this is not finding fault that? whenever your son really moved into Shangri-La, you come back to me, I have nothing to say, your son may come before?

Your son, if he hasn’t been here before, you dare to frame me, believe it or not, I will call the police directly, or simply let us go to the people above, and have a good explanation in front of them to see who is doing the trick!”

Chengfeng was speechless immediately.

Only then did he remember that his son had gone to Aurous Hill quietly, and he had not said anything about it.

Moreover, when he checked in, he specially asked irrelevant people to open the room, and then he sneaked into Shangri-La quietly under the cover of his confidant.

More importantly, he hasn’t been out or showed up since he checked into the hotel. It stands to reason that Shangri-La could not have known his existence.

“So, how did Zynn disappear?!”

“Could it be…Is it really not the Wade Family’s work behind this incident?”

“If it isn’t the Wade Family, who would it be… …” At this time, Chengfeng suddenly thought of his second son, Shoude.

The second son, Shoude, had disappeared at the Aurous Hill International Hotel, and the hotel had nothing to do with the Wade family.

Moreover, the way he went missing was also very strange, and he disappeared suddenly without leaving any clues.

In this way, the disappearance of Zynn really has the same effect…