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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2761 Free Novel

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Zhongquan was helpless: “What is the meaning of this kind of kid-like sophistry?

Charlie said sternly, “I’m not sophistry, it’s the actual situation. Zynn never stayed at Shangri-La. The check-in information does not have his name, and the monitor there has no record of his entering the hotel, do you understand?”

Zhongquan hurriedly asked him: “You erased all the surveillance video when he checked in.” “No.” Charlie said lightly, “When he came in, it was for quietness.” Close to Takehiko Ito, but afraid of being discovered by Shangri-La’s true identity, so he asked the people under his hands to open the room, and then he disguised himself and moved in quietly, bypassing the surveillance, naturally he didn’t leave any check-in Information.

So if Chengfeng finds you again, you just tell him directly, saying that you have checked the check-in information for the entire Shangri-La, and there is no such person as Zynn. If he is not convinced, you can ask him to take out Zynn and move into Shangri-La. Come up with evidence, or let him go to the police directly.”

After speaking, Charlie said again: “Then you can bite him again and ask him what he meant, whether he deliberately wanted to trap the Wade Family and find a reason to start a war with the Wade Family.

Zhongquan all listen to the staggering. At first, glance, feel Charlie said that this idea is not very reliable.

but try to figure out a closer look, and feel seems to have worked.

Think again, people can not help but be overwhelmed with admiration and even his mind Unable to hide his excitement, he murmured: “[email protected], if Zynn swaggered into Shangri-La, then he must have a unshirkable responsibility for losing Shangri-La, as the Shangri-La belongs to the Wade family. It is definitely impossible for the Wade family to give an explanation.

“But the door of Shangri-La is open 24 hours a day. This son Zynn obviously can walk in, but you have to sneak in like a mouse, and you don’t leave any traces on your own initiative, then you can be fcuking [email protected] if you lose it on my head, this is really a joke.

Thinking of this, he suddenly became excited and blurted out: “Charlie, it turns out that you had thought about this a long time ago. This thing is really awesome.

Charlie said indifferently, “I can’t talk about awesomeness, but it won’t bring you the trouble, but even if you say that, you can only make the Su Family suffer a dumb loss. The Su Family will definitely record the disappearance of Zynn on your head, but I am still under-fed, so You will have to help with this.

Zhongquan smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter. As long as Chengfeng has no direct evidence to prove that the disappearance has something to do with the Wade family, he has no reason to start a war against us. If there is no reason to start a war and then force a war, the people above have their opinions It will only be bigger, so in this way, Chengfeng would definitely not dare to make a mistake.

He could only be dumb and finished. He hurriedly asked again: “By the way, Charlie, why did you send Zynn to Syria? That too under a warlord named Hamid’s hands.”

Charlie was not surprised when he heard him mention Hamid. After all, the whole journey to Syria was arranged by his subordinate Chester, and Hamid sent him away. At that time, Chester also saw him. Chester will inevitably report these situations to Zhongquan.

Therefore, Charlie also admitted very generously, saying: “I asked Zynn to sponsor Hamid with 100 million US dollars, and then I sent him there to experience life. The place is isolated from the world. As long as I don’t let him go, the Su family may not be able to find him for fifty years.

Zhongquan couldn’t help but said excitedly: “Awesome and beautifully done.”