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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2760 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2760 Start

Zhongquan really didn’t expect Charlie to admit it so simply.

This sudden magnanimity caught him by surprise.

After a while, he subconsciously sighed: “Charlie, you are crazy!”

Charlie frowned: “Where am I crazy?”

Zhongquan sighed: “You are crazy because you attacked Zynn when you shouldn’t! Think about it! He is the eldest son of the Su family. He disappeared in Shangri-La. Can we leave the Wade family aside?”

Charlie asked, “What? Chengfeng asked you?”

“Yeah!” Zhongquan said with a sad face, “Chengfeng” called and yelled at me and told me to fight the Wade family! You know, our two families have always spoken but didn’t do anything. If we break the rules this time, the Su family would definitely retaliate wildly. We are also the party who is in the wrong, and it will be difficult to stand up at that time!”

Charlie smiled: “You called for this only?”

Zhongquan heard the disdain in Charlie’s tone, and spoke very politely.

Said: “Charlie, I know that you have a bad temper, and you are unwilling to bear it in many cases, but you still have to look at the overall situation! Now that you start with Zynn, you can’t cause any substantial damage to the Su family. This guy is completely affected by his Dad. What’s the point of tying him up? Instead, you gave the Su Family a reason to target us!”

Charlie said indifferently, “I didn’t do it for the Wade Family. It is to let him pay the price for the Anti-Wade Alliance back then. When he targeted my father, I would target him now. Not only did I tie him up, but I would also take him to Waderest Mountain to the ancestor worship ceremony. Kowtowing at the parents’ graves to admit their mistakes!”

Zhongquan was taken aback by Charlie’s remarks, and blurted out: “You…you are trying to force the Su family to fight us to the teeth! If that’s the case, I would rather not hold an ancestor worship ceremony this year. And we must not start a war with the Su family now! We have already made the Su family very dissatisfied. As long as we wait patiently, the upper side will surely gradually put pressure on our family. , It is equivalent to helping the Su family to divert the attention from above. When the time comes, the trouble will fall on us…”

Charlie sneered and said: “Master, don’t be so scared, this matter is not what you thought. It’s so complicated, and you can rest assured that I have sent Zynn to Syria, no one can find him, and I won’t let the outside world know his whereabouts, so it won’t hurt you.”

Zhongquan said helplessly: “Charlie, why do you think the question is so simple? The person disappeared in Shangri-La. Even if you deal with it without showing any traces, we are still in a hundred words guilty and responsible!”

Charlie smiled: “Master, the first question you asked me was What?”

Zhongquan asked in astonishment: “What?”

Charlie said, “It’s the first question you asked me when the phone was just connected.”

Zhongquan blurted out: “I asked you about Zynn’s disappearance. Er, did you do it?”

Charlie snorted, and said casually: “Oh, it wasn’t me.”

“Uh…” Zhongquan was speechless at once, and then said helplessly: “Charlie, you are boring… Chengfeng is not a kid either. If I tell him this, will he believe it?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Is there any way he doesn’t believe it? Tell him, Mr. Zynn Su has never been to Shangri-La.”