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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 276 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 276 Start

The most eye-catching medicinal materials are really the best!

Even Charlie himself had no way to buy the best medicinal materials!

Charlie was a little shocked and couldn’t help asking: “How can your father get so many such good medicinal materials?”

Aoxue hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade knows something. My Qin family manages a lot of business. One of them is medicinal materials. Our ancestors were medicinal materials dealers from the Qing Dynasty. We had our own mule and horse team to collect the top medicinal materials and transport them. We sold it to princes and nobles in the capital and sold it to rich merchants in Aurous Hill. For so many years, we have not lost this business.

After that, Aoxue hurriedly said: “By the way, my father asked me to tell Mr. Wade that if Mr. Wade has any demand for medicinal materials in the future, tell us directly, the Qin family will do everything possible to meet your needs!”

Charlie was also surprised.

Ever since he accidentally obtained the Nine Profound Heavenly Secrets, he was attracted by the mystery in it. There are so many abilities and prescriptions for refining medicine, but many medicinal materials have never even heard of it.

He was still worrying about this, but he didn’t expect that the Qin family was a medicinal material merchant with a century-old heritage!

This is really nowhere to be found after breaking through the iron shoes, and it is all effortless!

So he couldn’t hide his joy and said, “Okay! Very good! With the help of your Qin family in the future, my medicine refining will be much easier!”

Aoxue heard Charlie talking about refining medicine, hesitated again and again, gathered courage, and knelt on the ground with a thud.

Charlie was startled by her sudden movement, and asked in surprise: “Aoxue, what are you doing?”

Aoxue knelt on her knees, clasped her fists in her hands, and pleaded with a pious expression: “Mr. Wade! My father heard that you are going to make magical medicine, and he yearned for it, so I begged Mr. Wade, can I be here? After refining the magic medicine, it is also too”

Aoxue stayed for a long time and didn’t say anything else.

She has always been admired by others since she was a child. How can she beg others? Not to mention begging for something.

Therefore, this thin-skinned girl is now embarrassed to tell her real needs.

Seeing her hesitating, Charlie couldn’t help worrying about her.

However, even if Aoxue didn’t say it, he knew Aoxue’s request in his heart.

So he said lightly: “Does your father also want a magic medicine?”

Aoxue nodded as soon as she heard this!

Immediately, she hurriedly said: “If Mr. Wade is too burdened, we will never force it!”

Charlie smiled.

What kind of magical medicine is the medicine he wants to refine for Tianqi and the others? It’s nothing more than the lowest grade medicine in the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures.

This kind of thing is easy and trouble-free when refining. As long as there are raw materials, it can be produced in minutes, which is faster than steaming buns with noodles. What the Qin family wants is nothing more than medicine. Of course, he will not refuse.

The most important thing is that in the future, he will rely on the Qin family to prepare medicinal materials for himself.

If this time he can take the Qin family for his own use and let them become his disciples, it will be much easier for medicinal materials in the future.

So, he looked at Aoxue, who was embarrassed and flushed with eyes full of pleading, smiled slightly, reached out to support her, and smiled: “Your father wants my medicine, I can give it.”

“Really?” Aoxue was suddenly excited when she heard this.

Charlie smiled and said, “Of course it’s true. Even if you don’t look at your dad’s face, I can’t refuse it because of your little beauty.”

In fact, Charlie was joking.

But unexpectedly, after Aoxue listened, the deer slammed into her heart!

At this time, Charlie, in order to invite people to buy their hearts, smiled indifferently: “Well, since I have a relationship with your Qin family, this time I will give you two pills when I refine the magical medicine!”