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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2758 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 2758 Start

Zhongquan hung up, and his first thought was to call Issac immediately and ask what was going on.

Leon hurriedly asked: “Master, what happened?”

Zhongquan sighed: “Zynn Su disappeared in Aurous Hill today, and he was in Shangri-La before he disappeared. Now Chengfeng called me to answer for the situation. I must first Ask Issac what’s going on!”

Leon was dumbfounded, and blurted out: “Zynn is also missing?! the second son disappeared a few days ago, and he was also in Aurous Hill, also living in a hotel and he was gone… …”

Zhongquan sighed: “Shoude’s thing is easy to say. Anyway, it was not missing on our site. Life or death has nothing to do with us, but Zynn’s situation is somewhat tricky this time. Anyway, people are here. He was in Shangri-La and he has gone. Once the Su family makes use of the question, we can’t argue it!”

Leon turned his mind and said immediately: “Master, I think this matter is 80% related to Master Charlie…”

“Charlie?! “Zhongquan blurted out: “Do you think Charlie did this?!”

Leon nodded and said seriously: “I think if this matter is really related to Issac, then Master Charlie must be behind the sword. , Otherwise, even if Issac was given eight courage, he would not dare to attack Zynn.”

Zhongquan nodded slightly in agreement.

After all, Zynn is nominally the number two figure in the Su family.

And Issac was a subordinate in the Wade family.

Even in the subordinates, he can only be at a medium level.

The difference in status, ability, and strength between the two are huge. How could Issac come up with such an idea?

Therefore, the only possibility is Charlie.

Thinking of this, Zhongquan couldn’t help being a little big head.

He rubbed his temples and said with a sad expression: “Although I don’t know Charlie very much, I still know his style very well.”

“In my opinion, Charlie and his father are both good-looking. It’s very similar, but the acting style is really completely different…”

Leon nodded and said in agreement: “The young master acted in the past, of course, he was far-sighted, vigorous, and energetic, but he was honest. In other words, there are also some who are too pursuing perfection, and caring too much about image and public opinion…”

Speaking of this, Leon couldn’t help feeling: “Back then, even if others used all kinds of shameless tricks to deal with him, he still chose to fight back in an open and honest way, and he would never use the same method to return color…”

Zhongquan also sighed: “Hey! So this was also Changying’s shortcoming, he paid too much attention to the ideas of openness and integrity. , It’s okay to face ordinary opponents. With his superhuman ability, he could crush the opponent, but once the opponent is very strong and does everything he can, he loses his advantage and initiative… ..”

Leon nodded in agreement.

At this time, Zhongquan said again: “But Charlie is completely different from his father!”

“Charlie’s style of acting is standard pragmatism, with a strong purpose.”

“For him, all the driving force is to realize himself. For this purpose, his methods are also diverse and unrestricted. He can do whatever he wants.”